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Precise, logical Mercury in Virgo meets up with foggy, dissolving Neptune in Pisces today (3:18 am), the ruler of the fishy sea, and the planet of our imagination and phantom representations (or misrepresentations, including deception), so our thinking, reasoning, communications, and overall mental alertness may be a bit askew now. Or, significantly askew! – depending upon our own individual make-up, inclinations, or factory-type settings, and how we may choose to ride out this tricky, elusive, illusionary energy. (Mercury-Neptune is often associated with half-truths, missing or erroneous information.)

Suffice it to say, today may not be the best time for attending to the highly-detailed type of work and exacting calculations that Mercury in Virgo so inherently relishes; however, it is likely a very inspiring time to unleash the power of our own creativity and see how many dots we can, perhaps, lusciously disconnect. 🙂

It’s highly doubtful, though, that our brain stem and the rest of us will actually “float away” and vanish into thin air, this Saturday, as waxing, prescient Luna has already seemed to have adeptly planned for this cosmic event and has, thereby, chosen to deftly extricate herself from “adventurous” Sagittarius, for the remainder of the weekend, and instead, has securely deposited her sleek, form-fitting derriere into “doubting naysayer” Capricorn (6:37 am) where skepticism is king.

Favored activities today: Reading or writing fiction/poetry; acting, dancing, singing, painting, photography; water therapy/water massage; dream interpretation; studying mysticism or religion; developing our intuition; engaging in outlets that sensitize us to the feelings or needs of others or that allows us to show our compassionate side.

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Born on This Day: Grandma Moses (Anna Mary Robertson Moses) in 1860 in Greenwich, New York. An American folk artist, she began painting in earnest at the age of 78 and is often cited as an example of an individual who successfully began a career in the arts at an advanced age. She died in 1961 at 101. (Wikipedia)

In her birthchart, Moses had Mercury and Saturn almost exactly conjunct (one degree) in detail-oriented Virgo, which is typically excellent for deep yet highly pragmatic thinking as well as keen concentration or focus. She also had her artistic Venus in dynamic Leo and in a two-degree trine to imaginative Neptune Rx in the last degree of Pisces, suggesting a real, natural flow of artistic energy. Her Moon (emotions) was also in endlessly curious and youthful Gemini and conjunct progressive, inventive Uranus.

“If I hadn’t started painting, I would have raised chickens.” Grandma Moses

Hope it’s a good one!

Patrice Thompson

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