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“I think the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you except yourself.” Rita Mae Brown

Uranus, the planet of individuality, independence, innovation and change stations retrograde today in “self-discovery” Aries – just a day after lovable Venus did the same thing in “refining” Virgo. With Uranus retrograde – an annual cycle that lasts for about five months – we’re sizing up, in part, some of our recent changes or actions to see how they’ve accommodated or matched who we truly are at our core. Too, we may want to reflect upon now how comfortable we typically are when it comes to embracing the whole notion of innovation or progressive change, in our lives.

Also, another area possibly up for consideration or review now is the matter of personal freedom or independence in our lives – just what does that mean to us and how important is it to us that we maintain a certain freedom of movement in our affairs? Many of us often say, for instance, that we really need to have our own freedom, our own space – especially in relationships; but then, at the end of the day, we often may find ourselves backpedaling on this issue because we discover that we also need to have a deep sense of connection with others – that, being alone and on our own, is not always as glamorous or wonderful as it’s sometimes cracked up to be.

On a collective level, since Uranus also governs such issues as equality and diversity, with Uranus retrograding now, we also may want to ponder or think about just how welcoming or accepting we have been – or tend to be – towards those persons who are perhaps different from us, who maybe come from different cultures, or possibly espouse different religions, values, etc. “A lot of different flowers make a bouquet.” – Muslim Origin

Uranus will be retrograde until December 25th.

This date in history: The United States Post Office was created in Philadelphia in 1775 under Benjamin Franklin. (At the time, Saturn in social Libra, symbolizing infrastructure or support, was harmoniously trining innovative Uranus in Gemini, the sign of the messenger. The formation of the post office, of course, made it possible for the public to enjoy greater written communication access to each other in a faster, more reliable way, with trusty Saturn putting a sturdy floor under a new “Uranian” way of doing business.) 

Famous July 26 Birthdays: Sandra Bullock, Mick Jagger, Vivian Vance, Kevin Spacey, Stanley Kubrick, Dorothy Hamill, Gracie Allen, George Bernard Shaw

“Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world.” George Bernard Shaw

Enjoy your Sunday!

Patrice Thompson

Sunflower 4

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