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“It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live.” Marcus Aurelius


We experience a big “cosmic shift” today as the Sun, Venus, and Moon cascade into “emotionally-deep” Scorpio, with a “Partial Solar Eclipse” also occurring at “0 degrees” of Scorpio (5:56 pm EDT). Solar Eclipses are generally regarded as “amped up” New Moons, heralding changes and new beginnings. Some astrologers also view eclipses as times when we’re more apt to receive “consciousness downloads.”

Scorpio, the eighth sign of the zodiac, is basically where we learn to make “serious eyeball contact” with our fears. Scorpio is associated with self-mastery and empowerment. It also rules such things as intimacy, shared resources, the values of others, death and rebirth, purging and recycling efforts, taxes, surgery, and insurance matters.

Today’s Eclipse has an “endearing” or “supportive” quality to it because Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, is sitting right alongside, or is conjunct, the Scorpio Sun and Moon. Venus hopefully helps us to embrace the shadow side of ourselves, while also maybe inspiring us to get along better with each other. The Venus conjunction also does likely mean that love and relationship issues are going to be front and center now. Relationship transformations or renewals, are also very possible, in keeping with the regenerative nature of Scorpio.

Spiritual Neptune, the higher octave of Venus, and the ruler of our imagination, is also forming a harmonious trine to the Eclipse. This otherworldly influence not only helps to make us more compassionate, it can also assist us with envisioning the life ahead that we want for ourselves. Too, with Neptune governing our nocturnal dreams, we may want to pay closer attention to what our dreams are saying to us now, especially over these next few days.

Question for Today: What might you say to someone to encourage them to get past their fears?

Famous October 23 Birthdays: Johnny Carson, Sarah Bernhardt, Weird Al Yankovic

“Just be yourself — it’s the only way it can work.” Johnny Carson

Happy Eclipse blessings!

Patrice Thompson


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