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“Nothing truly valuable can be achieved except by the unselfish cooperation of many individuals.” Albert Einstein


The Moon’s entrance into Venus-ruled, “cooperative” Libra (7:12 am EDT) encourages us to collaborate our efforts with others toward a common goal versus “going it alone,” a scenario that usually more naturally unfolds when we make a sincere effort to let others know that we value and respect their input and ideas. Philanthropist Jon M. Huntsman Sr. also wisely reminds us here that, “Life is not a game of Solitaire; people depend on one another.”

In addition to the Moon, we also have the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in “other-oriented” Libra, with the Sun and Venus getting ready to close in on the “anaretic” or 29th degree of Libra, within the next 24 hours. When planets are nearing the end of a sign, they are thought to have more of an “urgent” quality about them. Also, it’s often a time when we feel compelled to take “sudden action” on a matter – with the action, in keeping, with the nature of the planet at the anaretic degree.

The “Sun” symbolizes power, status, and the ego; “Venus” rules relationships, beauty, fashion, values, and money. Libra is represented by the “scales of balance” (justice) and governs the courts, marriage, and partnerships, and symbolizes, among other things, diplomats, judges, and counselors.

It could be that with the Sun and Venus, anaretic in Libra, some last-minute efforts are made to appease or placate others now; or sudden action is taken to enlist the support of others toward a cause; or overtures may be undertaken to preserve or restore the peace and balance in a relationship or delicate situation.

Too, on a collective level, with Venus and the Sun nearing the anaretic degree, there is the very sad news that Oscar De La Renta, the iconic fashion designer – a “Libra” profession – has died at the age of 82.  De La Renta recently designed George Clooney’s bride Amal Alamuddin’s wedding gown and has dressed every first lady since Jackie Kennedy. De La Renta had his natal Sun in Cancer, at the anaretic “29 degree” mark, with the Sun in an “out-of-sign” conjunction to “stylistic” Venus in “glamorous” Leo. Sun-Venus aspects denote artistry and creativity, in general. De La Renta was also, reportedly, a huge supporter and patron of the arts.

Question for Today: Do you think clothes “make a person?”

Famous October 21 Birthdays: Kim Kardashian, Snoop Dogg, Michael McClure, Art Buchwald

“The best things in life aren’t things.” Art Buchwald

Enjoy your Tuesday!

Patrice Thompson

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