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“An effective leader allows exceptions to the rule for exceptional results or when circumstance demands.” John Wooten

(The Moon is in “self-confident” Leo today; it is square to “exacting” Saturn. The “empowering” Sun is quinqunx to “altering” Pluto.)

We should always be clear about what we want to achieve, but also willing to couple this clarity with a spirit of flexibility, in case conditions change. Too, when we demonstrate a willingness to bend, when needed, we are signaling to the universe that we are open to receiving further guidance or wisdom, and also acknowledging that we are humbly aware that we do not have all the answers.

Too, sometimes a path is only meant to be a starting point or launching pad for us, and not designed to take us all the way to our destination. When we accept this fact, and do not resist, we often are placed on a trajectory that is even better than the one that we had originally intended for ourselves.

What would be your best advice to someone who is facing a major change?

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