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“I find the best way to love someone is not to change them, but instead, help them reveal the greatest version of themselves.” Steve Maraboli

(Moon enters evaluating Virgo at 10:20 am EDT; it sextiles articulate Mercury and opposes dissolving Neptune. Relationship Venus sextiles compassionate Neptune.)

We all want to be accepted for who we are; yet, simultaneously, it seems that we’re always trying to remake others as we would like them to be, instead of simply embracing them as they are. Sadly, this dichotomy is probably the reason why so many of us tend to recoil from showing our true selves in the first place: we’re afraid that, if we do, others will reject us – because we’re always automatically rejecting or finding fault with other people!

Perhaps, however, if we stopped trying to change others from the get-go, and instead put the point of focus on helping them to realize their fullest potential, or the “greatest version of themselves,” as Steve Maraboli so eloquently puts forth, we would also find it much easier, in the process, to be the irresistible, suave, debonair creatures that we were originally intended to be. What do they say, what goes around, comes around? And to treat others as you, yourself, would like to be treated. In “The Little Book of Letting Go” by Hugh Prather, he also mentions: “Notice that the moment you become unhappy is usually the moment you attempt to control another person.”

Lovable Venus’s heavenly alignment with dreamy Neptune today can help us to see and bring out the very best in others now. It’s a wildly romantic and compassionate influence and can even spawn platonic relationships! Too, it’s very creative and excellent for anything using our imagination or involving the arts.

What do you wish others would see in you? Is this same trait or quality also something that you look for in other people?

On a personal note, for the last week or so, I’ve been back here blogging after a three-month absence (I’ve had Saturn opposing my natal Mercury and Sun for a while), experimenting with doing this quote of the day. While I have thoroughly enjoyed being back here with you, I have also quickly discovered that this blogging experience is not something that I care to commit to on a daily basis; it’s a little too much for me. Too, communicator Mercury is getting ready to shift retrograde on Saturday. So what I believe would be best for me, at this juncture, is to just show up here on an occasional basis, perhaps weekly or so, when I feel duly inspired to do so. Also, focus my attention more on quality, instead of on quantity.

Patrice Thompson


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