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“In this world one is seldom reduced to make a selection between two alternatives. There are as many varieties of conduct and opinion as there are turns of feature between an aquiline nose and a flat one.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Variety is said to be the “spice of life.” Today may be an especially good day to seek it out, with the Moon’s ingress into curious Gemini (11:42 am EDT) and also trailblazer Mars square to non-conforming Uranus, the planet of change and innovation. Too, while Mars-Uranus has been known to coincide with sweeping reforms (and revolts), it’s not always necessary to make wholesale changes with this influence to inject new life and variety into our lives; sometimes by tweaking things just a little, we can begin to shift the energy around us in a positive way – like casting a pebble into the water and witnessing the corresponding ripple affect. “And that is how change happens. One gesture. One person. One moment at a time.” Libba Bray

This might also be a good day to reflect upon, and to ask ourselves, “How open are we to issues of diversity (Uranus)?” “Christian, Jew, Muslim, shaman, Zoroastrian, stone, ground, mountain, river, each has a secret way of being with the mystery, unique and not to be judged.” Rumi

It should also be noted that on the heels of the Mars-Uranus influence, Israeli and Palestinian officials agreed to resume negotiations, something that hasn’t occurred for a long while (we also still have the healing grand water trine taking place between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune). Whether or not these negotiations will be successful, remains to be seen, but at least an attempt is being made to make some progress here. Mars is also in Cancer (as is Jupiter), which not only governs the home and family, but also issues of patriotism, or allegiance to one’s country, and matters of territorialism. Uranus is also in new beginnings Aries, which can foster pioneering approaches or strategies. The square aspect, itself, is often a catalyst for taking action on matters.

Too, today the sentencing phase begins for Bradley Manning. Many have characterized him as a traitor to his country (Cancer) for giving classified U.S. military (Aries) information to Wikileaks. Yesterday, he was found guilty of espionage and theft charges, but acquitted of aiding the enemy. Symbolically, Mars-Uranus can signify “having to deal with rogue behavior.” Manning faces 136 years in prison on the charges.

Famous Birthdays July 31: Milton Friedman, J.K. Rowling, Geraldine Chaplin.

“If you want to see the true measure of a man, watch how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.” J.K. Rowling

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Patrice Thompson


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