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What “new beginning” is calling to you in your heart? It could be that today’s New Moon, at 2 degrees of pioneering Aries (10:37 am EDT), is a perfect chance to begin making serious inroads towards that new direction. Aries energy prompts us to take courageous action. It challenges us to venture outside of our comfort zones to open up new doors of possibility. It can also endow us with a greater desire for personal freedom.

With this New Moon in spontaneous Aries today, many of us may feel a little like a caged bird that is about to be set free. Too, we will want to take a look at the house (or area of life) in our personal horoscopes where this New Moon is taking place, as that is where this eager, little bird Is getting ready to take flight and, hopefully soon, soar to new heights.

This lunation, which is really a marriage of both the Sun and the Moon, is also conjunct “radical” Uranus and “thinker” Mercury. An alignment that may very well increase our capacity for originality and brilliance. Uranus governs both genius and intuition. We are also now more comfortable rejecting or challenging the status quo.

Of course, with decision-maker Mercury still retrograde, and initiating Mars, the ruler of Aries, also retrograde, in stickler Virgo, we may still feel some pressure to edit ourselves and play by the rules. Also, we will probably need to be open to changing or modifying our course of action, at a later date. Retrograde periods are synonymous with revisions.

Too, we continue to feel the affect of that rare, transforming grand earth trine involving Mars, Jupiter and Pluto. “We can change our lives. We can do, have, and be exactly what we wish.” Anthony Robbins (Robbins also has his natal Moon in Aries.)

New Moon in Aries activities/aptitudes: Joining a gym; involvement in sports, athletics, or martial arts; self-promotion; cold-calling; hiking; camping; matters involving the military; setting new records; making new discoveries; showing bravery, demonstrating valor; taking risks; being adventurous.

Famous People with Moon in Aries: Whitney Houston, Jamie Lee Curtis, Sarah Ferguson, Jennifer Lopez

Happy New Moon blessings! Where does the New Moon fall in your chart? Since I have a 2 degree Aries Ascendant, I guess I am the poster child for this lunation. Sort of like my fifteen minutes of fame, I guess. 🙂

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2012

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