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While we all have a need for certainty, we also crave variety. Today, it is likely that the latter will win out.  This is because the “empowering” Sun is conjunct “radical, individualistic” Uranus, the electrifying planet that is linked with change and liberation. This conjunction is occurring in “spontaneous” Aries.

What we may want to muse over today is, how dispensing with protocol or convention can end up being a very good thing for us? In other words, Sun-Uranus gives us some refreshing wiggle room to tear up that all-too-familiar internal script reverberating in many of our heads that says we must always conform or live up to other people’s expectations, or suffer dire consequences. Sun-Uranus encourages us to embrace and flaunt our own personal brand, no matter how quirky. This same planetary influence can also galvanize us into action on behalf of humanitarian causes. Uranus is linked with issues of equality.

“We are all born originals – why is it so many of us die copies?” Edward Young

What do you think prevents people from “doing their own thing?” What has been your own experience when you have not “played by the rules” or “dared to be different?”

Famous People With Sun Conjunct Uranus:  Charlie Sheen, Wayne Dyer, Walt Disney, Anjelica Huston, Sigmund Freud, Donald Trump, Meryl Streep, Clara Barton, Roy Orbison.

“I wasn’t satisfied just to earn a good living. I was looking to make a statement.” Donald Trump.

“You can’t process me with a normal brain.” Charlie Sheen

BTW, Orbison’s Pretty Woman was released in August of 1964 when communicator Mercury was conjunct Uranus in Virgo!

Enjoy your Saturday!

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2012

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