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Some of us may feel like we are sputtering around in the darkness today, weighed down by our burdens and responsibilities, and also by our past (Sun square Saturn). However, when we remember that all we have to do is metaphorically “flip a switch” inside, (i.e. shift our thinking), suddenly a new, illuminated reality can begin to emerge for us at any moment. Hopefully, a brighter reality with more open doors. Sun-Saturn is often a timely period for seriously assessing our current lot and weighing our future possibilities.

The Moon in “big picture” Sagittarius today also encourages us to prolifically “wish upon a star,” regardless of how dim or bright we perceive our present situation to be. Life Coach, Martha Beck, wrote a best-selling book entitled, Steering By Starlight, in which she discusses hooking up with your own “North Star” within. The inspiring North Star concept reminds me of the visionary Sagittarius Moon a shine at her very best. We are wanting so much to “believe in the dream” when the Moon is in this sign. Yet, with the Sun-Saturn energy, we may also be needing to refine that dream at least a tad today. Or, perhaps be willing to “adjust our steering” to get to it. 🙂

“Live in rooms full of light.” Cornelius Celsus

January 19th Birthdays: Dolly Parton, Shelley Fabares, Paul Cezanne

Today’s Affirmation: “Wherever I go there is light. Darkness is only an illusion.”

What lights you up and gets you feeling empowered?

In the News: Presidential hopeful, Rick Perry, dropped out of the GOP race today and is reportedly endorsing Newt Gingrich. Occasionally, with the Sun-Saturn aspect (exact today), we decide to let go of our old agendas, old goals, and choose to move into another direction, as alluded to in my daily horoscope. Sometimes we reposition ourselves after seeing the inevitable “writing on the walls.” For instance, this morning, the 137-year old Kodak Corporation, also filed for bankruptcy protection after fiscally struggling for the past several years.

Patrice Thompson

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