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With the “communicative” Gemini Moon “out of step” with Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun, and Mars, we may want to do more listening than talking today as a conscious way to prevent or circumvent any possible rough patches in our relations. We may also want to strive for more clarity in our conversations making sure that we are correctly hearing what others are saying to us. So many times our “people problems” stem from not really listening to each other intently, or from making erroneous assumptions about what was said. This may be especially the case with a “challenged” Gemini Moon which can incline us to be more reactive than reflective, and also perhaps not as mentally focused as we could be.

“Precision of communication is important, more important than ever, in our era of hair trigger balances, when a false or misunderstood word may create as much disaster as a sudden thoughtless act.” James Thurber

Today’s Affirmation: I am listening to the world around me. I am cheerfully all ears.

How can you honor others with your listening today?

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2012

Source Notes:

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