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The “fussy” Virgo Sun encourages us to have “all our ducks in a row,” but the adventurous Sagittarius Moon makes a case for more spontaneous behavior. Our challenge today may be to figure out how to manage these two conflicting desires.

Too, we may have a fervent need to convert others to our enlightened way of thinking now, as the Sadge Moon is known to be more than a little preachy. With that said, if we dare to bring up religion or politics today, or other hotbed issues, we also need to be aware that we could be unleashing a floodgate of opinion. 🙂

“I believe people who practice their beliefs in daily life are
activists.” Jasmine Guy

People in the News: Rolling Stone, Keith Richards, was interviewed on “CBS Sunday Morning” today. It was a great interview, really quite revealing. In his horoscope, Keith has a “freedom-loving” Sagittarius Sun with a “perfectionist” Virgo Moon, kind of an inverse of the very energies that we have today with the Virgo Sun and Sadge Moon. Of course, most of us know about Keith’s “wild past,” but today in the interview he said that he is really “just like everybody else.”

He also apparently has a green thumb and loves to garden at his posh Connecticut estate which was showcased a little on the program. Perhaps it is the organized and methodical Virgo side of his nature that has helped him to patiently sow so many successful seeds, be it in his garden or via his legendary musical compositions. Virgo Moon individuals can be very self-directed and hard-working. Keith’s Moon in Virgo is also exactly conjunct his 10th house of career, suggestive of someone who is a master craftsman. His assertive Mars in intellectual Gemini is also conjunct non-conforming Uranus, an aspect of brilliance and originality, but also indicative of great restlessness and or rebelliousness. Of course, many of his musical creations also seem to mirror that inner discord.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2011

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