“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” Mother Teresa

The Moon wraps up her stay in gracious Libra with a trine to idealistic Neptune (12:35 pm EDT) inspiring us to pursue our noblest dreams and also heightening our psychic sensitivity.   This is also a very good time to make compassionate or charitable gestures to those who may need a helping hand.  As the ruler of
caring Pisces and the higher octave of loving Venus, Neptune helps to foster
more of a selfless quality in us.

Mid-afternoon, the Moon’s shift into intense Scorpio (2:48 pm EDT) ignites our passions and tenders deeper emotional responses to our environment. Scorpio also helps us to go in depth with matters and is excellent energy for any research or investigative work. Also for healing and transformation. We are actually treated to a double-dose of Scorpio energy tonight as the Scorpio Moon harmoniously sextiles Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio (10:55 pm EDT).   I remember a few months ago when there was a snake on the loose for a few days from some zoo in New York city, it was finally located when the Moon was exactly sextile Pluto, which can often reveal to us hidden information.

Enjoy your day! Hope you are able to make some crackerjack discoveries!

Patrice Thompson

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