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“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Extra Brownie points are earned today for being patient and poised in the face of possible delays or restrictions suggested by the Moon’s monthly conjunction with tester Saturn in relationship Libra (2:44 pm EDT) which also tends to put us in a more serious mode. This is very good energy for probing more deeply into matters and having pivotal discussions, especially about security-related or legal issues, but we will want to remain flexible and cooperative. We may also need to remember, however, that it is not always possible to please everyone and that we need to be okay with that.

Too, we have intellectual Mercury forming a 135-degree link to incisive, investigative Pluto which can heighten our perceptions, although we are challenged to guard against being overly suspicious or brooding, part of Pluto’s shadow side. With Pluto’s activated ray we tend to experience submerged contents from our mysterious subconscious floating to the surface of our conscious awareness. Also, we may want to refrain from showing our cards until we have had time to sort through all the subterranean matter.

Later, practicing anger-management is the recommended antidote for a feisty Moon square Mars aspect (8:28 pm EDT). The Moon’s harmonious sextile to mental Mercury at the close of the day (11:25 pm EDT) also helps to set the stage for some cool “aha moments” while simultaneously fostering a more peaceful vibe on the home front. A perfect time to make some entries into our personal journals or for unwinding with a book by a favorite author.

News Update: WSJ.com reported this morning that the U.S. Justice Dept. has filed a lawsuit to block  AT&T’s proposed $39 billion proposed takeover of T-Mobile USA. Perhaps evidence of the Libra Moon’s applying conjunction with “denying” Saturn today? Libra does rule the court system. Too, Mercury also governs the communications industry and we have that 135-linkup with “suspicious-minded” Pluto.

Also, with the more serious Moon-Saturn influence exact, early this afternoon, President Obama (a Saturnian authority figure) reportedly requested a joint session of Congress for next Wednesday night to roll out his proposals to jumpstart employment and the economy. Although, there also appears to be some conflict with having the joint session on that particular date as the Republican presidential hopefuls also have a televised debate already scheduled for the same time period. Sounds like President Obama and his staff may have hit upon a “Moon-Saturn snag” in scheduling the matter and that a “cooperative spirit” may be needed to iron things out to everyone’s satisfaction. 🙂 (story from NYT.com)

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Patrice Thompson

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