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“This art of resting the mind and the power of dismissing from it all care and worry is probably one of the secrets of energy in our great men.” Captain J. A. Hadfield

A perfect day to chill out and soothingly recharge our batteries with the Aquarian Moon’s early morning conjunction with fantasy Neptune (8:26 am EDT) which grants us easy visitation to mystical realms. Also, the Moon’s shift into dreamy Pisces (8:55 am EDT) further helps us to effortlessly bypass logic and reasoning in favor of going with the intuitive flow.

Later, the Moon’s sextile to alchemist Pluto (6:56 pm EDT) gives us a chance to ride deep waves of emotion while simultaneously stoking our compassionate side. A time when we can gloriously earn our angel wings by gently lightening our brother’s load.

“There is no greater loan than a sympathetic ear.” Frank Tyger

Pisces Moon activities: meditation and retreat, aquatic sports, volunteering, dancing, theater, going to the movies, writing poetry, music, photography, acting.

Famous People with Moon in Pisces: Michael Jackson, Kirstie Alley, Hillary Clinton, Elvis Presley, Edgar Allen Poe.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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