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“Every production of an artist should be the expression of an adventure of his soul.” William Somerset Maugham

The Moon is in adventurous Sagittarius today. We are seriously toying with the idea of courageously venturing outside of our cozy, white picketed, fenced-in backyards to deliciously explore the glorious world around us. We may even set sail for New York city! Although, we are also thinking that we may want to secretly abscond solo, as love goddess Venus in flirty Gemini is taking heat from manipulative Pluto in repressed Capricorn (quinqunx aspect), which can potentially make our soap operarish relationships even more complex and problematic than normal.

Too, we have bold, assertive Mars in chocolate bar Taurus chained down by drill sargeant Saturn in matrimonial Libra (sesquiquadrate aspect). Saturn is also threatening to withhold from us our $200 in Monopoly money and will not let us “pass go,” if we break any of his almighty rules today.

Yes, it may be best to surreptitiously sneak out alone, when the path is clear and no one else is around. “Scotty, if you’re out there, you can beam us up anytime! The sooner, the better. Too, if you could also kindly beam down some Jim Beam, that thoughtful gesture may go far to assuage some of the massive, psychological torture of this pre-eclipse day.” 🙂

Enjoy your Tuesday!

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

Source Notes:

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