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“Communication works for those who work at it.” John Powell

“Communication kingpin” Mercury stations retrograde today at 24 degrees of impetuous Aries. The “winged messenger” will remain retrograde (appearing to go backward in the sky) until April 23rd.

By now, most of us know that when Mercury goes retrograde, communication and travel matters often seem to hit more snags and snarls. Of course, this is merely conjecture on our part about Mercury and its alleged correlation to these kinds of snafus. Still, to cover our bases, in any regard, we may want to pay closer attention when reading the fine print now, especially when signing any agreements and contracts (if possible, we may want to postpone signings until Mercury goes direct, which is something I always personally try to do). Also, we may want to double-check correspondence, emails, do extra backup on our computer files, have a “plan B” ready for travel plans, etc.

Theoretically, when a planet is retrograde, we are urged to do a “review” or “re-assessment” of the matters that the planet represents. Kind of like putting a car gear “in reverse,” we revisit old territory. It could be, too, that we “missed” seeing some things, the first go round, and that during the retro phase, new information comes to light. Also, with Mercury ruling our thinking, we may want to use this “retro phase” for evaluating our most recent thoughts and ideas. See if they are really worthwhile to pursue in the future. Mercury in impulsive Aries is inclined to making hasty, split-second decisions, so it probably doesn’t hurt any, to take some time out now to rethink things.

Also, with respect to the above-mentioned quote by John Powell, even though Mercury may be retrograde for the next three weeks, there is no reason that communication has to fail, if we are willing to work at it. I think this point often sadly gets overlooked in all the “Mercury retrograde” hype.

Famous Birthdays March 30th: M.C. Hammer (49), Warren Beatty (74), Eric Clapton (66), Celine Dion (43)

Patrice Thompson

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