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On This Date In History:

October 15, 1969 – The “Vietnam Moratorium” is held.  Millions of people protest the war (including Bill Clinton, who was a student at Oxford then). In the heavens, passionate “Warrior” Mars in Capricorn, the sign of government, is exactly square to “Philosophical” Jupiter in Libra, the sign of peace and diplomacy.

“Mars-Jupiter” is an aspect with a great history of “firing up our passions and idealism.” Mars, the energy planet, energizes whatever it touches and Jupiter represents our moral beliefs.  We are willing to “do combat” (Mars) for “what we believe in” now (Jupiter), similar to the energy of today’s Aquarius Moon which speaks to us about getting involved in causes “greater than ourselves.” With the Vietnam Moratorium, the protesters peacefully dissented (diplomatic Libra) against the “war policies”of the government (Mars in Capricorn). Mars rules war and the military.

Often Mars-Jupiter is associated with “religious fanaticism,” too, as Jupiter rules religion, and the nature of  Jupiter is such (especially when it is aligned with energizer Mars) that we can easily “go overboard” and get “carried away” with whatever we are involved with.

Even though Jupiter is an “expansive influence,” and more of a “benevolent planet,” sometimes the pitfall with it is we do not know when to “rein ourselves in.” For example, Jupiter is also associated with obesity and excess. We can’t stop with just “one jelly doughnut,” we have to consume a whole dozen! So, moderation is often needed and called for with Jupiter, if we are going to judiciously utilize the opportunity energies of this great planet to the best capacity.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

Source Notes:

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