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“Liberty exists in proportion to wholesome restraint.” Daniel Webster

After eight months in proud, creative Leo, the Energy planet Mars ventures into practical, analytical Virgo (2:11 am EDT) where it will stay until the end of July. Virgo is the sign of work and service, so Mars here can be very productive and very capable in a mentoring capacity.

We should be able to get a lot accomplished in the next several weeks with Mars systematically moving through this fastidious sign.

Also, to find out what area in your life Mars is impacting you, check to see where Virgo is in your horoscope.  The house that holds the sign of Virgo, is where you have the Mars momentum going to bat for you now.

Today, though, the energy around us may feel a little more stifling than supportive to our cause.  This is because it is a transition day with aggressive Mars shifting to more restrained Virgo and then awkwardly aspecting (quinqunxing) indulgent Jupiter and rebel Uranus in spontaneous Aries. Plus we also have the Moon in Aries.

Some of us are not taking too kindly to the idea of restraint now and are fully prepared to wage all manner of dissent against it.  Historically, we often see more demonstrations and revolt with Mars-Uranus aspects. It’s a more volatile energy vibration.

Mars quinqunx Jupiter can also do much to incite our fanaticism and make us go overboard with our beliefs to the degree that we do not tolerate or will not allow others to have their own opinions and convictions.

So, today is a good time to rein ourselves in a bit from our natural instincts. To keep in mind that our liberty is often judiciously preserved as a byproduct of restraint. Our own self-development is also contingent on exercising some degree of self-control and saying no to whatever. In my case, it’s barring myself from inhaling too many Twinkies.

June 7th Birthdays: Prince, Dean Martin

Enjoy your Monday! Hope it’s sunny for your parade.

Written by Patricia “Patrice” Thompson

Copyright 2010

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