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“Pleasure is the object, duty and the goal of all rational creatures.” Voltaire.

We are moving along but at a slower, more leisurely pace. Our need for adventure is coupled with a good measure of common sense and caution as the Moon cavorts through practical, yet self-indulgent Taurus.  This is an ideal time for evaluating the pros and cons of our new plans and for calculating costs, budgetary matters.

We are also weighing the itinerary of perks available to us if we expend energy in a new direction. For instance, will we still have time for a peaceful stroll in the park? What about being able to fit in time for a facial and foot massage?

An ocean of opportunity may be in front of us. On the surface, that sounds cool. But, logistically, if we go swimming in it, will we be able to make it back home in time for dinner? Also, what about the water temperature? We can’t go out if the water is too cold.

The longer we mull everything over, it may actually make more sense for us to go sailing instead of swimming. That way, we can conserve our physical energies.  Too, we’ll be able to eat while we’re exploring.  We may even be able to fit in a rejuvenating nap.

We could even wait until the Moon gets into Gemini before venturing out.  With Venus and Mercury both getting ready to join the Moon soon, it may be more fun to have a beach party now.

Memorable event in history on this date: April 15, 1985 – South Africa decides to repeal sex and marriage laws against whites and non-whites. At the time, expansive Jupiter was transiting humanitarian Aquarius, elevating the collective understanding and broadening capacity for diversity and tolerance. Also, the trail-blazing Aries Sun was exactly quinqunx Saturn in Scorpio.  The quinqunx is an adjustment aspect. Saturn in Scorpio suggests blockages or restraints regarding sex.  The precedent-setting Sun here successfully forced fearful Saturn in Scorpio to get out of its comfort zone and venture out into a new arena.

Written by Patricia Thompson, Astrologer

Copyright 2010

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