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Cosmic Weather:

(Saturn in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces, at 16 degrees)

Very hopeful, positive cosmic energy descends upon us today!

This Friday (also a renewing “eight” day, numerologically), features the third or final installment of the closing or waning, ‘Saturn-Neptune’ sextile (9:45 pm), for the year, an aspect which first began on January 31st; the second meetup between these planets, occurred on June 18th.

Basically, and ideally, this encouraging sextile influence helps us to really ground or manifest (Saturn) our dreams or inspirations (Neptune), but usually only if we’re willing to add the necessary legwork. This is because, with the sextile aspect, we normally need to actually ‘do’ something; things don’t automatically just flow to us, as they often can, and do, with a trine. Plus, of course, we have Saturn involved in the equation here – and he always requires that we have some “skin in the game.” Saturn rewards us according to our efforts.

Hopefully, too, at the inception of this aspect (in January), we may have started sketching out some of our grand designs or visions, on our humble, little drawing boards, and now we’re finally seeing them get their glorious angel wings!

Also, for those of us who may have arrived a bit ‘late to the party,’ today, is still a good time to challenge ourselves to take some kind of meaningful action on a matter that we know, in our heart, will propel us along positively on our purposeful life journey. In fact, with this being a closing sextile, today, too, if we do take action on something now, it will likely be on a matter that we have already probably seriously considered.

An extra perk or bonus for us today, too, is that the rejuvenating Sun in Scorpio is also making a closing sextile to Saturn (at 12:06 pm) and a waning trine to Neptune (at 12:56 pm). Sun sextile Saturn is always excellent energy for helping us to more effectively prioritize, and then act upon, our goals or objectives as well as draw upon our previous experiences in a practical and self-disciplined manner.

On another level, Sun sextile Saturn is a great time to enlist the aid or support of a mentor, or someone whom we respect, or maybe look up to. This energy is also advantageous for dealing with issues associated with such things as aging, retirement, long-term care, and succession-planning.

The Sun-Neptune trine also adds a, seemingly, more magical component, to our day, and is an energy that can really help us to feel more connected to each other, or more unified, collectively. This more visionary influence can also be very good for such things as taking up peace negotiations, or for calling for truces or ends to conflicts.

This might also be a fun day to channel our inner artist or poet, if we’re so inclined. Or to steal some time away for meditation or quiet reflection. Also, we may experience or encounter more synchronistic-type events.

The Moon also entered pioneering Aries, this morning (at 6:48 am), where it will stay for the duration of the weekend. This lunar position additionally helps to put us in a more adventurous, risk-taking mindset, for the next two and a half days. A time when we will, more than likely, want to be on the go, doing our own thing.

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Hope it’s a good one!

Patrice Thompson

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