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“There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. John Lennon

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Today’s Energy:

As we count our many blessings this Thanksgiving Day, Saturn in Sagittarius is exactly squaring Neptune in Pisces, the first of three meet-ups that will be occurring over the course of the next year. This aspect has actually been building for a few weeks already. Saturn represents “form” or the “material world,” or what many describe as the “power of manifestation.” In addition, it denotes such things as discipline, experience or maturity, authority figures, achievement, and conservation. On the shadow side, it is a marker of our fears. Included here might be Saturn acting as the official scorekeeper of all that divides us, or makes us feel alone in the world.

Neptune, on the other hand, symbolizes “formlessness,” or the “dissolving of matter,” or what some might regard as the “invisible realm of spirit,” which, for many of us, can be a much more ambiguous concept to grasp or relate to. At its finest, Neptune is associated with such things as faith, hope, unity, compassion, and idealism, and as the higher octave of Venus, “divine love,” – or “unconditional love,” if you prefer. It also governs vision and the power of our imagination. Neptune can also, on the shadow side, be the face of such things as escapism, addiction, trickery, or deception.

The “square aspect” is an alignment that forces us to take action on a matter, as a way of resolving something. So, in this case, we may be deciding, among other things, on whether to be fearful, anxious, or suspicious (Saturn) – or whether to have faith or trust (Neptune). Or, maybe we conclude that it’s not an either or situation at all: that we can feel the fear, the angst, the pain, but still extend the olive branch anyway. Or, maybe if we’re unhappy with our work (Saturn), instead of walking in and quitting in haste (Neptune), we step back and see if we can evaluate the reasons for our dissatisfaction; be more structured or strategic (Saturn) in our approach.

Saturn-Neptune together tends to make us, in general, more starkly aware of our perceived limitations or drawbacks (Saturn), but the issue is whether or not we are going to let them define  who we are. And, whether or not we are going to let them hijack or ride roughshod over our dreams or vision (Neptune), or destroy our idealism.

Sometimes, too, when both of these planets pair up, we’re at a definite crossroads, in our lives, and basically unsure of which way to turn. Neptune does, after all, denote foggy conditions! So, it could be that the square energy might be a perfect time for us to just kick back and push the pause button a while, to lay low on our earthly agenda (Saturn), to grant ourselves a well-deserved time out (Neptune), until we’re better able to see our way ahead.  It’s possible that some of the visions that we’ve had for ourselves, some of the big dreams, are no longer really a go for us, no longer a viable option, and we have to face the music and quit kicking the can down the road. Or, we may decide instead that some dreams are salvageable, but that we need to maybe, at least for the time being, narrow the scope of them (Saturn), or do some creative re-configuring (Neptune), so as to not feel overwhelmed by our present situation. Kind of like when you have a cluttered house, if you at least restore order to part of it, you normally immediately feel better.

Happy Thanksgiving! Wishing you many blessings your way.

Patrice Thompson

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Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Pierre_Teilhard_de_Chardin

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