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“When we keep our silence we gather our power; when we speak we let loose the concentration of quiet reverie.” Bryant McGill

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Today’s Energy:

Communicator Mercury is conjunct “focused” Saturn in “philosophical” Sagittarius (11:57 pm EST), an aspect that is normally regarded as excellent for our power of concentration as well as ideal for filling in the details of any long-range planning. Albert Einstein, a Pisces Sun, had this same aspect in his natal chart, but in pioneering Aries. In fact, it was the closest aspect, in his chart, with the conjunction occurring only one degree apart, suggesting that this planetary pairing would have a defining impact upon his thinking and general behavior. Mercury-Saturn is also thought to correlate with more of an aptitude for science, math, research, and critical thinking in general.

Because cautious, serious Saturn symbolically represents the principle of contraction, sometimes with this Mercury-Saturn energy we also tend to “trim the fat from our words” choosing to be as precise or succinct as possible in our speech or writing. Of course, with this conjunction occurring in “voluminous” Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius now, we may not be as parsimonious with our words as might be expected! At the very least, however, this may be a very good time to scale deeper with our thinking, to become keener observers of the world around us, or to hone or develop our listening skills.

Because Saturn also symbolizes our fears, worries, or concerns, Mercury-Saturn can also find us pondering “worst case scenarios.” Benjamin Disraeli once mused about this type of thinking this way: “I am prepared for the worst (Saturn), but hope for the best (Jupiter).” Additionally, on the shadow side, Mercury-Saturn can trigger more judgmental behavior, as well as an intolerance for views that are different from our own.

Enterprising Mars in “balancing” Libra is also sextiling Saturn today, an aspect that is linked with sustained effort, industriousness, and planning for tomorrow, sort of akin to a farmer diligently sowing seeds for future crops. Too, with Mars in “collaborative” Libra, it can indicate a positive period for formulating or arranging diplomatic or cooperative strategies.

The Moon in “stabilizing” Taurus also potentially supplies us with extra reserves of patience and perseverance today. French playwright Moliere noted that the trees that are slow to grow “bear the best fruit.”

Questions for Today: What topics are more difficult for you to talk about, and why? Where in your life do you maybe need to let go of judgments? What might you need to say “no” to now as a way of loving self-care?

Famous November 24 Birthdays: Zachary Taylor, Scott Joplin, Stephen Merchant, Ted Bundy, William F. Buckley Jr.

“I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said.” William F. Buckley Jr. 🙂

Enjoy your Tuesday!

Patrice Thompson

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