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Quietness 2

Cosmic Quote of the Day: “You can change your world by changing your words. Remember, death and life are in the power of the tongue.” Joel Osteen

Since words are free to use, so to speak, it seems that many of us are far too casual with how we employ them. Accordingly, we often overlook or fail to grasp their inherent life-changing potential. Oliver Wendell Holmes once said that we should speak clearly, if at all, carving every word before we let it fall; in other words, to be intentional in our speech.

Today’s Energy:

Communicator Mercury, which happens to govern our speech or words, sextiles philosophical Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and optimism, this evening (8:54 pm). This upbeat (“I can do it!”) influence has a general broadening impact upon our intellect, and poises us to want to look ahead and to think big. We are also more intent on wanting to get our message out before the world now, so that we can, hopefully, wield our irresistible sphere of influence. Archetypally, Mercury-Jupiter symbolizes “the orator” or “the preacher.” Also, “the persuader,””the politician,” and “the humorist.”

Mercury-Jupiter aspects are considered favorable for publishing, marketing and advertising, higher education, signing contracts, and general legal matters. They also are associated with international or multi-cultural relations.

The Moon also leaves utilitarian Capricorn for non-conforming Aquarius today (8:21 am), giving us a perfect chance to express our holed up, “inner hippie.” 🙂

*All times EDT.

Famous July 3 Birthdays: Tom Cruise, Julian Assange, Montel Williams, Gloria Allred, Elizabeth Edwards

The sense of perspective that interaction with multiple cultures gives you I find to be extremely valuable, because it allows you to see the structure of a country with greater clarity, and gives you a sense of mental independence.” Julian Assange

Enjoy your Friday!

Patrice Thompson

Sunflower 4

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