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Full Moon

(Today’s Planetary Aspects: Venus conjunct Jupiter, 3:51 am; Moon opposite Mars, 1:32 pm; Sun trine Neptune, 5:10 pm; Moon sextile Neptune, 9:59 pm; Moon opposite Sun, 10:20 pm. Moon is in Sagittarius until 5:11 am, when it enters Capricorn; All times EDT.)

Cosmic Quote of the Day: “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” Henry Ford

Isn’t it interesting that when we each focus on becoming more of what we already are, success is something that becomes almost a non-issue for us?

Today’s Energy:

A Full Moon in “ambitious” Capricorn occurs at 10:20 pm tonight. Full Moons bring heightened awareness, thereby allowing us to cop new perspectives. The Full Moon in Capricorn specifically affords us a chance to focus on creating more of a work/life balance – never an easy task! This is an excellent time to revisit those goals that we eagerly set, at the start of the year, and evaluate how we are faring with them. Are we still wanting to tow the line, or do we maybe need to make a course correction? Or, possibly we have gotten sidetracked, the last few months, and need to get back on track now with the personal vision that we hold for ourselves. A Capricorn Full Moon also puts the spotlight on those traditional elements that accompany our public image such as reputation, leadership ability, organizational skills, and career success.

Lovable Venus also exactly conjuncts benefic Jupiter today (3:51 am), an influence that has been building in strength, for the last few days. This is regarded as one of the most fortuitous, pleasurable, and romantic influences of all as expansive Jupiter, the purveyor of opportunity, magnifies all the best qualities of the charming Venusian energy. This conjunction also helps to re-set the socially reforming, albeit seemingly magical, Jupiter Uranus trine, which is still within a one degree orb from being exact. We tend to see the best in others now and want to do what is in our power to make others happy. Our mood is very warm, friendly and gregarious, although we could get a little carried away with self-indulgent behavior, especially since this influence tends to favor or court lavish celebrations or overtures. Of course, we could also counteract or neutralize this tendency, if we wanted to, by intentionally engaging in random acts of kindness, in an effort to spread the wealth and gaiety around. This aspect remains in effect for a couple of days.

Moon opposite Mars, 1:32 pm. We are poised to meet or achieve our goals, but may need to possibly counteract a tendency toward hypersensitivity, even bullying. Avoiding those who know how to push our buttons, too, is probably a smart strategy now.

Sun trine Neptune, 9:59 pm. This is a highly creative and imaginative aspect that kindles our humanitarian instincts and compassion. We are more willing to take a back seat to others now as our ego needs subside, although we may still need to be vigilant or discerning as to the sincerity of other people’s intentions. In general, this is excellent energy for dissolving differences, implementing peacekeeping measures or truces, both on an individual and a collective level.  Also, quite fittingly here, President Obama is reportedly set to unveil, today, a deal between the U.S. and Cuba that would reopen embassies and restore diplomatic ties that were broken more than 50 years ago (from AOL.com).

Also, Sun trine Neptune is an ideal influence for immersion in spiritual studies, meditation, partaking in retreats, taking trips by the sea, or any type of visioning work. Those who are artistically gifted may also find this energy great for doing photography, painting, sculpting, or watercolor.  This alignment is also, of course, a very nice complement to the loving, very generous in nature, Venus-Jupiter aspect, as they both potentially carry a lot of healing energy within them.  This influence will remain in effect for two or three days.

Famous July 1 Birthdays: Princess Diana, Pamela Anderson, Dan Aykroyd, Deborah Harry, Olivia de Havilland

“Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.” Princess Diana

Full Moon Blessings to you!

Patrice Thompson

Sunflower 4

Copyright 2015

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