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“Because after you’ve crossed some lines, you just keep crossing them.” Chuck Palahnuik


Sometimes uttering a firm or polite “No” to others is the equivalent of saying a giant “Yes” to ourselves. “No” can serve as a trusty lifesaver for us as we learn to set or re-set appropriate limits or boundaries around us that are necessary for our own self-care and survival.

Also, with two notable “Pluto” aspects occurring, over the next couple of days, we may want to make sure that we have that “No” word ready to go, as needed, as part of our official behavioral toolkit, as thorny control or power (Pluto) issues may now gravitate to the forefront. Too, as we all know, relationships are always a two-way street, and that if we want others to kindly respect our boundaries, we must do the same with them.

Today, we have Venus in the travel and communication sign of Gemini quinqunx to Pluto in Capricorn, which rules business, government, and authority figures (4:15 pm EDT). The quinqunx is regarded as more of an adjustment aspect, meaning that something under the relationship (Venus) hood, be it in business or the personal realm, may need to be re-set or re-aligned, at this time, as something is likely not flowing quite right. It could just be that our own attitude or state of mind is what’s amiss, with Venus in the mental sign of Gemini, which rules our thoughts and ideas. In this case, we may also want to think about re-visiting our values, which Venus also governs, and see if we are still on track with them via living out our life as an honest expression of what we truly value or hold dear to us. Venus-Pluto may just be showing us that, indeed, our internals have changed and what we held as important to us, in the past, is no longer the case.

Too, with Venus also ruling our money and possessions, we may want to watch over our expenditures, more closely now; or perhaps closely examine what it is that we may want to suddenly purge or rid ourselves of. Pluto’s energy has more of a compulsive feel to it. We may feel that we must act on something now, that things can no longer wait!

Some other possible “shadow-type” manifestations with Venus-Pluto: greed, manipulation, intense jealousy; being overly possessive. On the positive side, Venus-Pluto can demand that we become absolutely honest with ourselves, and face the full truth of our situation or circumstances, which, in the end, can be very liberating and empowering for us, even though it may not be the easiest thing to do, in the moment.

Fortunately, the Moon is still also in logical, rational Virgo, for another day. This energy may help to diffuse some of the potential emotionalism or possible fall-out of the more heated Venus-Pluto configuration.

Meanwhile, on Friday, we also have the Sun in its annual opposition to Pluto. But, more on that next time.

Who would you like to say “No” to, and why?

Famous July 3 Birthdays: Tom Cruise, Julian Assange, Gloria Allred, Elizabeth Edwards.

“She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.” Elizabeth Edwards.

Enjoy your Thursday!

Patrice Thompson

Daisy Gerber

Copyright 2014

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