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“Far better to live your own path imperfectly than to live another’s perfectly.” Bhagavad Gita

Even though the Moon is in traditionalist Capricorn, we advance our cause today by daring to be different. Coloring outside of the lines may in fact be the way to earn that “A” on our reports cards with the creative Leo Sun trining individualistic Uranus (1:21 am EDT). We may also want to seek out unusual pursuits or amusements. Or learn new technology.

Lovable Venus is also trining anchoring Saturn (3:38 am EDT). This is normally a stabilizing influence for relationships and for helping to put our finances on solid footing. Venus-Saturn is also associated with the emergence of May-December romances. Or, at the very least with this aspect, a day when we may want to consider seeking out the company of older, wiser individuals. “The years teach much which the days never knew.”   Ralph Waldo Emerson

Famous July 31 Birthdays: Geraldine Chaplin, J.K. Rowling. “It is our choices…that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” J.K. Rowling

What is your best advice for newlyweds? How do you feel about relationships in which there is a large age difference? 

Patrice Thompson is a Life Coach for Women. She partners with clients who are desiring to take their lives, businesses, or careers to the next level. To contact Patrice about coaching, you may email her at CoachPatrice@aol.com

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