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Passions may surge today with sweet Venus’s sextile to intense Pluto. This is also a good aspect for healing or rehabilitating a relationship, due to the regenerative nature of Pluto. We do also tend to be in more of a commitment mode as the Sun is making its annual conjunction to dutiful, serious Saturn, in relationship Libra, formidably reminding us of our responsibilities and obligations.  Sun-Saturn also helps to align our consciousness with our long-term goals or intentions for ourselves.

Intellectual Mercury additionally enters probing Scorpio today, providing more depth of focus and investigative flair to our reasoning ability. Our words may be a bit more measured now with Mercury here. On the shadow side, there can also be more of a propensity for biting sarcasm, especially when we are feeling threatened. Mercury will stay in Scorpio until November 2.

The Moon will be in practical Taurus all day, the money sign. It will also be forming its monthly conjunction to expansive Jupiter (12:25 pm EDT), which may trigger some new opportunities for increasing our net worth and or sphere of influence in the material realm. The Venus sextile Pluto aspect may also help to put a little more jingle in our pocket, as Venus governs money and possessions, as the natural ruler of Taurus. It may be an especially good day to seek out financial and or investment advice, as Pluto’s ray is very good for adding extra insight. Pluto also symbolizes mega-wealth and governs debt and credit matters.

“There are three faithful friends – an old wife, an old dog, and ready money.” Benjamin Franklin

Enjoy your Thursday!

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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