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“It is better to solve one problem five different ways than to solve five problems one way.” – Mathematician George Palya

On this red, white, and blue Fourth of July Monday, we find the nurturing Cancer Sun sextile to the analytical Virgo Moon (9:02 am), ideally frontloading us with a certain amount of flair or instinct for figuring things out or troubleshooting, including on the homefront. Emotional security is also augmented by having a plan in hand. There may also be a yearning to serve others in practical ways.

The Moon’s square to Venus in Gemini (11:38 am) poises us towards social engagement. Practicing some give and take here also helps to maintain harmony.

Early this evening, Luna trines innovative Uranus in Taurus (7:23 pm). A fun time to partake in something out of the ordinary.

This is also the last full day for motivator Mars in its home sign of initiating Aries, with Mars at the anaretic or 29-degree point of the sign. This degree is sometimes correlated with taking sudden, spontaneous actions that may go against what we had planned. Reasons behind this may be the fear of missing out or a perception that we are running out of time so we give matter(s) one last push, sometimes in desperation. Intellectual Mercury is also at 29 degrees of Gemini today so there may also be more of a propensity for some impromptu, or even hasty decision-making. Very timely here, too, might be heeding some sage advice that Benjamin Franklin, a Capricorn Sun, once gave: When in doubt, don’t. 

Numerologically, 7-4-2022 is both a “4” and “8” day. The number four represents the foundational aspect of our lives and has more of a stable, no-nonsense vibe to it. The number eight represents balance, ambition, and ultimate achievement. It’s associated with great leadership or executive ability. There is also more of an awareness of the importance of giving back to others with this number. It is also linked with the notion of salvation or renewal.

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Famous July 4th Birthdays: Author Nathaniel Hawthorne, composer Stephen Foster, playwright Neil Simon, singer-songwriter Bill Withers, twin advice columnists Ann Landers (born Esther “Eppie” Pauline Friedman) and Dear Abby (born Pauline “Popo” Esther Friedman).

“Love, whether newly born or aroused from a deathlike slumber, must always create sunshine, filling the heart so full of radiance, that it overflows upon the outward world.” – Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter

Happy July Fourth! Hope it’s a good one. Please be safe and well.

Patrice Thompson

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