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Forging ahead may be more of a challenge today as elements of our past seem to want to continue to surface or infiltrate our lives, effectively acting as a temporary check or brake on our behavior – and this could actually end up being a good thing for us. Assertive Mars in Scorpio, the zodiacal sign associated with interior work and investigation, is quinqunx Chiron in self-expressive Aries (2:30 pm), tending to invoke or dredge up old vulnerabilities, or other personal issues, ideally, for the purpose of further psychological processing or reflection. Of course, too, it’s only when we’re willing to face or acknowledge our fears that we’re then finally able to move on to the next stage of our development.

The illuminating Sun is also spending its last full day in probing Scorpio, suggesting, once again, a focused need to closely evaluate or examine all that has been excavated, in totality, during this whole Scorpio season. Of course, Mercury, in direct motion now in Scorpio, is also still presenting us with the need to keep integrating what we have most recently learned or been made aware so that we can go ahead and act upon these revelations, once Mercury gets up to speed again.

The waning Last Quarter Moon also continues in the sign of harvesting, digesting Virgo, for almost the entire day, indicating that we do have a special ability or finesse now at being able to gather up almost everything we need to close or phase out whatever needs to be completed.

“Keep expecting and believing that your due season is coming. Declare that the good you have harvested in your life will manifest.” Germany Kent

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Hope it’s a good one!

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