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“Focus your intention on what your building, not whats already fallen away.” Nikki Rowe

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Today’s Energy:

The waning Gemini Moon enters its “Last Quarter Phase” at 5:54 am. The Last Quarter Moon period is a time when we may experience some inner conflict or crisis as we ponder what to hold on to and what to release as we prepare ourselves for the coming New Moon in “harvesting” Virgo, on September 13, which also happens to be a Solar Eclipse. Too, an apt analogy here might be to compare the Moon’s last quarter phase to a little like reviewing and re-balancing our 401-k or other investments: we are moving things around now in order to hopefully get the best bang for our buck (or return on our energetic investment). The Sun’s waning trine to “eliminating” Pluto  (7:08pm) should also help us to see more clearly where we may need to cut our losses, to forge ahead.

*All times EDT.

Questions for Today:  What are you tolerating in your life? What are you afraid to let go of? What do you believe you need to feel complete?

Famous September 5 Birthdays: Joan Kennedy, Jack Valenti, Freddie Mercury, Raquel Welch, Bob Newhart, Jesse James

“A guy walks into a psychologist’s convention with a banana in his pocket. When asked about the significance of this he says, ‘”Well, they were all out of grapes.”’ Bob Newhart

Enjoy your Saturday! 🙂

Patrice Thompson

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