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River In A Forest

Cosmic Quote of the Day: “There is a grace of kind listening, as well as a grace of kind speaking.” Frederick William Faber

When we are in conversation with a person, and listening to their every word, we are “fully gracing them” with our presence. When we choose to carefully formulate our words, or what we want to say to another, we also are displaying kind or thoughtful regard for them because we are letting them know that we value, honor and respect their time and attention, as well as showing to them that we’re concerned with how our words may impact them. English novelist Mary Ann Evans, known by her pen name, George Eliot, also once quipped that it is always good to know, if only in passing, charming human beings. “It refreshes one like flowers and woods and clear brooks.” In astrology, Venus, the planet of love and beauty, symbolizes the kindnesses or niceties that we bestow upon each other.

Today’s Energy:

Communicator Mercury, in articulate Gemini, is sextile gracious, soothing Venus in heartfelt Leo, today.  Ideally, we are expressing ourselves with more politeness and refinement now; coming from a place that admirably embraces and showcases the social and loving aspects of our being. Accordingly, this is a great day to write love letters, read loves stories, exchange hugs and kisses, or to speak sincerely what’s in our heart. Also, it’s a good time for social or party planning, including sending out invitations, buying stationary, or putting together floral arrangements.

The Moon exits individualistic Aquarius for dreamy, mystical Pisces, mid-morning (10:22 am), where it will hang out for the next couple of days. Later, a harmonious trine from the Moon to motivating Mars, in nesting Cancer (11:19 pm), helps to provide us with a reassuring sense of our home as our personal sanctuary.

Tomorrow, the illuminating Sun also makes its annual opposition to re-configuring Pluto, the planet of renewal and transformation, so there may be a growing sense today of some kind of a turning point getting ready to take place in our lives, or around us. Pluto often shows us what needs to be taken down or gotten rid of, and then later, what needs to be erected, or resurrected, in its place.

Famous July 5 Birthdays: Huey Lewis, Richard “Goose” Gossage, Henry Cabot Lodge, David G. Farragut.

“Dam the torpedoes. Full speed ahead.” David G. Farragut

Enjoy your Sunday!

Patrice Thompson

Sunflower 4

Copyright 2015

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