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“Oh! that gentleness! how far more potent is it than force!” Charlotte Bronte


“Relationship” Venus is trining “magical” Neptune in Pisces, today (2:48 pm EDT), the planet of illusion and imagination. Also, spirituality. And, because Venus and the Sun are still close together to each other, in “regenerative” Scorpio, the “purposeful” Sun will also be trining Neptune, early tomorrow (5:49 am EDT). The 120-degree trine aspect means that the energies are flowing smoothly or harmoniously between these planets – kind of like they’re doing a slow, graceful, shimmering dance with each other.

Because Neptune’s “transcendent” ray is so prominent now, we may want to focus more of our attention on the human “being” part of our nature – and less on our “doing” side. Or, as the late spiritual teacher Osho once put it: ”Be – don’t try to become.”

The “Venus-Neptune” and “Sun-Neptune” aspects also help to inspire our idealism and romanticism. Instead of division now, we are longing to see the underlying unity. We are also inclined to look for the very best in others, which is something that is more possible to do when we opt to suspend our judgment of how others should behave or act.

Today, and tomorrow, are also excellent for any kind of creative outlets, including photography, dance, painting, writing. Also, for volunteering, engaging in random acts of kindness, and philanthropic pursuits. Too, with Neptune governing dreams, it’s a time when we may want to pay closer attention to the content of our dreams, perhaps scrutinizing them for special messages or inspiration. I remember reading about Keith Richards, a while back, and learning that he got the melody for Satisfaction during a dream.

Question for Today: What makes you feel really connected to the world around you?

In the News: Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey allows nurse (Pisces) quarantined over ebola fears to leave a Newark hospital today after she showed no signs of the deadly virus (Scorpio) – from AOL.com.

Famous October 27 Birthdays: Teddy Roosevelt, John Cleese, Ruby Dee, Kelly Osbourne

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” Teddy Roosevelt.

Enjoy your Monday!

Patrice Thompson


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