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“If you have realistic ideals and can generally live up to them, your self-esteem will not be threatened. If your ideals are exaggerated and you cannot reach them, your good feelings from successes may be short lived, and you may feel that you are never good enough.” Mary C. Lamia


Romantic Venus opposes dreamy Neptune, the planet of imagination and compassion. This aspect often finds us yearning for an idealized love; we’re eager to turn the tailless frog into a handsome prince. 🙂 Of course, most of us know what can happen when we venture down that prickly path. On the shadow side, too, this configuration is sometimes synonymous with clandestine or scandalous alliances.

Fortunately, later in the day, as Venus sextiles realistic, commitment-oriented Saturn, we’re more adept at sorting out fact from fiction; also, more concerned with determining the long-term value of our connections from a practical standpoint. Incidentally, Venus-Saturn is also linked with May-December romances.

The Moon’s ingress into initiating Aries (5:29 pm EDT) readies us for new beginnings. This Moon sign also favors physical activities.

Famous Birthdays July 26: Carl Gustav Jung, Sandra Bullock, Kevin Spacey, Mick Jagger.

“Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol, morphine or idealism.” Carl Gustav Jung

Enjoy your Friday!

Patrice Thompson


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