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“Speaking with kindness creates confidence, thinking with kindness creates profoundness, giving with kindness creates love.” Lao Tzu

How are you showing up for your relationships? Are you approaching them from a place of kindness, which Lao Tzu suggests engenders more love? Or are you perhaps showing up more from a place of fear? Demonstrating worry or skepticism are states of being that have been known to cause alienation or an erosion of love.

With today’s Full Moon in “relationship” Libra (3:19 pm EDT), the sign of the scales, which is also the sign of peace and diplomacy, we have a perfect chance to glean greater awareness of how it is that we tend to interact with others. Or how we are characteristically choosing to be present in our relationships, and how the nature of our being with others delicately dictates or threads the fabric and outcome of those interactions.

We may even want to pay closer attention to the matter of our physiology. Are we full of energy in the presence of others, or are we listless? Do we have enthusiasm in our voice when we speak, or do we sound half-hearted, like we would rather be someplace else? Too, what are we conveying to others through our body talk? Are we maybe saying one thing to them with our words, but then communicating something entirely different with our physical presence? How can we explain this gap to ourselves, and to others? What is it all about, and how is it impacting our relationships? All possibly excellent “food for fodder” topics with this “balancing” Libra Moon.

This Full Moon in social Libra is also ruled by sweet Venus, which is presently in curious Gemini and square to both assertive Mars and elusive Neptune. It could be that there is, indeed, some ambivalence about our passions and desires now. Also, perhaps a tendency to look at others through the proverbial “rose-colored glasses,” a dreamy state which often carries more of a negative connotation for us – although, a rose in bloom is a really beautiful thing to behold. So maybe a little illusion about others now, isn’t such a bad thing after all!

It doesn’t matter who my father was; it matters who I remember he was.” Anne Sexton

Happy Full Moon blessings!

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2012

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