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The Moon’s ingress into plodding, deliberate Taurus the Bull (2:46 am EST) is an elixir for all things practical. The Taurus Moon is generally a very good grounding or stabilizing influence. It’s also ideal for gardening or planting activities, especially for planting above ground crops today, as the Moon is working up to its Full Moon phase tomorrow in this sign.

Too, the Moon’s monthly conjunction with buoyant Jupiter (10:21 am EST), the largest planet in our solar system, can help to put us in more hopeful and generous spirit, with Jupiter often billed as the cosmic Santa Claus. The Moon is also forming a potent trine to healing, regenerating Pluto, in success-oriented Capricorn (2:08 pm EDT), which is another earth sign. With Moon-Pluto energy, we often receive added clarity or insight into matters and can successfully re-plot our courses or strategies as a result. It is also an excellent influence for locating missing objects or ferreting out what has been hidden in general, including hidden within our subconscious (Pluto rules psychology and psychotherapy).

Neptune, the planet of spirituality and illusion, is also stationing direct today in hi-tech Aquarius (1:54 pm EDT), after going retrograde in Pisces, the sign of its rulership, in early June. Neptune will be leaving Aquarius for good in early February of 2012. It will not be back in Aquarius in our lifetimes. During its passage through Aquarius, beginning in the late 1990s, we have, of course, seen an explosion in technology, which has created more connectedness among all of us via the internet. Neptune, too, perennially acts to dissolve boundaries. It’s labeled the “Great Dissolver.”

On the shadow side, though, Neptune can also foster addictions, dependencies, cover-ups and deception. Too, many of us have become psychologically and physically enslaved to our various technological devices with Neptune in Aquarius. Maybe with Neptune leaving Aquarius, we will be able to gradually wean ourselves away from them. Thought it was very symbolic, too, that Steve Jobs died with Neptune getting ready to leave this sign, as he had done so many pioneering things for the tech industry, showered us with so many dazzling, magical gadgets.

Also, on the shadow side, for the last several days with energizer Mars opposite dissolving Neptune, and earlier, Venus in Scorpio squaring Neptune, we have been hearing about major scandals in the collective. Also there has been a plethora of nauseating finger-pointing and innuendo. We have also seen high-profile leaders topple from their positions of power. Neptune, as I have mentioned here repeatedly, is the planet that is linked with scandal. It is also associated with resignations, surrender and “falls from grace.” Too, it rules oil, and oil prices have been going up the last few days, mainly on fears that Iran is building nuclear weapons, a story that came to light in the collective yesterday with the rogue Sun-Uranus sesquiquadrate aspect.

On an individual level, with Neptune stationing direct now, we may want to see where in our personal lives, we have allowed ourselves to become deluded or addicted. Where have we been harboring erroneous illusions? One clue here, too, is to look at the house (area of life) in our personal charts where Neptune is passing. Hopefully, that foggy veil will begin lifting now in the days and weeks ahead. We may also want to pay closer attention to our nocturnal dreams now for extra insight or messages, another realm which Neptune rules.

“The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.” Robertson Davies

Enjoy your Wednesday! Plant some pretty flowers! That’s what I’m gonna do. I have a tray of pansies that I want to plant.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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