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“Sometimes two people need to step apart and make a space between that each might see the other anew, in a glance across a room or silhouetted against the moon.” Robert Brault

Today’s New Moon in partnership Libra, the sign of the scales (7:10 am EDT), affords us a perfect chance to grow or expand our relationships. Or, to maybe tweak or fine tune them.  Some of us may even be weighing some major revamping or restructuring in this area as the New Moon is opposing dynamic, change agent Uranus and also squaring transforming, insightful Pluto, two heavy hitters with some legacy for notably reshaping the playing field around us.

Justice seeking Libra, as a quality of experience, naturally aims to balance or harmonize  matters. But, with the Sun, Moon and also thinker Mercury now closely aligned with these two outer planets in an energizing, groundbreaking, cardinal T-square, we may discover that we have to crisscross some unfamiliar terrain now, perhaps connect with some new people, for instance, if we are going to move forward.  In the whole process, the Libra “juggling act,” could get pretty complicated and require advanced skills to keep all the diplomatic balls in the air.

The New Moon is also getting favorable assist from galvanizing Mars in proud, authoritative Leo the Lion. This should help to cloak us in a robe of self-confidence and give us the courage to make the bold moves that may be required of us so that we can evolve and go to the next level. Too, changes that we initiate now may have ramifications for our careers, as altering Pluto is in professional, corporate-minded Capricorn. Along a similar vein, some relationship changes now may be a direct result of career pressures or concerns that we are feeling.

Also with this New Moon, Libra’ s ruler, Venus, which governs love, money and values, and our power of attraction,  is applying to a conjunction with stabilizing Saturn, a planet that is exalted in Libra. This suggests that whatever we do put into place now will have very solid underpinnings and will likely last. Venus-Saturn is a quality of energy that is very loyal and enduring. Too, the house that the new Moon falls in, in our personal horoscopes, is the specific area of life in which we may be laying a new relationship foundation. Or, at the very least, focusing on relationships tied to that sector. Each house in the horoscope governs a department of life.

Moon in Libra activities: Dating, socializing and meeting new people, entertaining or hosting parties, attending cultural events, shopping for items of beauty or adornment, undergoing beauty treatments, redecorating, seeking justice.

New Moon blessings to you. Enjoy your Tuesday!

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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