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“It is easier to resist at the beginning than at the end.” – Leonardo da Vinci

This Friday, Mars spends its last full day in ambidextrous Gemini after buzzing around in the sign since August 20th. Accordingly, it’s possible that we may be feeling a sense of urgency to take some last-minute action. Kind of like when we are leaving the house, and walking out the door, when all of a sudden, we wonder if we maybe left the stove on or forgot to turn off the lights – so we frantically go back inside to take one final look around.

Too, on the flip side, sometimes when a planet reaches the end of the road (or a sign), it just wants to chill out a bit or relax – or reflect upon where it’s been. Mars has been holed up in busy, cerebral Gemini since August 20 due to its retrograde period; normally, it moves a half a degree a day or spends just two months in a sign.

Mars enters homebody Cancer, tomorrow morning (7:45 am), where it will reside until May 20th. Since Mars is the energy or momentum planet, it’s possible that we could also see a boost in spring homes sales or in other kinds of home-related activities during this time.

Assertive Mars is said to be “in its fall” in Cancer as it tends to go more inward, becomes more protective and nurturing and honed-in on what is going on in its immediate surroundings with family or loved ones. There can also be a lot of stops and starts with things depending on our mood.

The Waxing Moon is also in steady Eddie Taurus, all day, so we may be more interested in doing what we can to stabilize our personal situations, particularly on a financial level. At the same time, Luna’s late-day conjunction with Uranus (7:52 pm) might find us interested in exploring new possibilities or pastimes.

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Born On This Day: American designer Tommy Hilfiger. He’s turning 72 today.

Hope it’s a good one! Please be safe and well.

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