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Mental Mercury, at the end of practical Capricorn, squares cautious Saturn, this morning, before shifting into curious Aquarius later today. While Mercury-Saturn can add seriousness and depth of focus to our perceptions, it is an aspect that is often linked with more fear-based thinking and skepticism.  One way to turn Mercury-Saturn into a “win-win” situation for us may be to simply ask ourselves, “What are our fears or more rigid views on matters trying to teach us now about ourselves?” Or, “What is the learning situation for us here?”

We may also want to challenge ourselves to look beyond our fears or blockages by asking, “How else can we think about things that would be more energizing and positive?”  Fortunately, Mercury’s shift into airy, intellectual Aquarius (1:12 pm EST), where it will stay until February 14, makes it easier for us to cop a more detached mindset in which our options can be more neutrally weighed.

The Moon also leaves retiring Pisces for initiating Aries (1:29 pm EST), priming us for action and exciting adventure over the next couple of days.

“Well done is better than well said.” Benjamin Franklin

January 27th Birthdays: Donna Reed, Mozart

Today’s Affirmation:  “I choose thoughts that make me feel good. My glass is always half full.”

Patrice Thompson

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