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A Full Moon / Total Lunar Eclipse is occurring today at 18 degrees of Gemini (9:38 am EST), the sign of thinking and communication. Full Moons tend to be revelatory in nature, illuminating matters that had previously been hidden or obscured from view. They also represent a time of release or letting go of the past. More potent eclipses can also signify dramatic, abrupt endings that sometimes take us by surprise. Interestingly, the last time we had a lunar eclipse at this very same degree, was back on December 9, 1992, when Prince Charles and Princess Diana reportedly announced publicly that they were separating, a declaration that instantly reverberated around the world and shocked many.

With erratic, freedom-loving Uranus, the planet of revolution and change, also stationing direct today exactly at the Aries point, after a 5-month retrograde period, this may be a day or time period of greater uncertainty and even some major paradigm shifts in our consciousness. Accordingly, some of us may feel more of a need to break free now from whatever is holding us back from expressing our true, authentic self. Included in this process may be the need to reject some of the cookie-cutter socialization that has prevented us from living out our best destiny. Gemini is also the sign that has to do with our early conditioning.

Too, on a collective level, widespread street protests are reportedly planned today in many parts of Russia over allegations of election fraud in last Sunday’s parliamentary election which saw Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party win by a slim margin. The last time that Russia saw protests of this scope and magnitude was twenty years ago (what I heard on CNN last night).

In our personal horoscopes we will want to note what house contains 18 degrees of Gemini, as that is the area of life that is being activated now and also the part of our life where we may need to do some releasing or letting go. By polarity, the house opposite to it, too, will also be affected. Also, we will want to see whether the lunar eclipse degree is aspecting other planets or sensitive points in our charts. Additionally, it is also normally a good idea to wait a few days before making major changes with a full moon/lunar eclipse, as we want to allow ourselves some time to digest or adjust to whatever is being revealed to us now.

“Nothing is more terrible than activity without insight.” Thomas Carlyle

Today’s affirmation: I lovingly let go of the past and fully embrace the richness and fullness of the present moment.

Midday News Update: The Huffington Post is reporting that “three women who fought injustice, dictatorship and sexual violence in Liberia and Yemen” accepted the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize today in Oslo, Norway. The trio also reportedly “called on women worldwide to rise up against male supremacy.” Another indication of the awakening Uranian revolution?

Happy eclipse blessings!

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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