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There’s a potent Full Moon in “self-discovery” Aries tonight (10:06 pm EDT), activating 18 degrees of the sign. Full Moons present us with a chance for “full illumination.” They are a time when previously hidden or concealed elements suddenly get a chance to vividly parade before our conscious awareness in full, panoramic view. Deep insights can accordingly be gleaned in this manifestation/disclosure process. Sometimes, these revelations can even be a bit shocking, when ghostly skeletons suddenly emerge from secret, dark closets, imploring us to fully resuscitate them, and give them captive audience, a final time.

Too, there is often a keen desire to want to act quickly on whatever has been presented to us on our mind’s silvery screen during a Full Moon lunation.  Although, it is often wise to let these new epiphanies gel for a few days, before putting their legacy into motion.

A Full Moon occurs when the Moon is exactly opposite the Sun. In this case, the Sun is now passing through balancing Libra, the diplomatic sign of “the other.”  This Full Moon is spotlighting, therefore, the need for independent self-action and self-promotion (Aries)  vs. the need for partnering up (Libra). Ideally, we will want to strive for some sort of harmonious balance now between these two realms. Too, with the Libra Sun applying to a one-degree conjunction with taskmaster Saturn, it is highly unlikely that we will be able to escape our duties or obligations to others now, and go it alone, as Aries is naturally poised to do, since Saturn represents our scope of commitments and earthly karma.

Because serious Saturn also archetypically symbolizes our worries and fears, and sense of loss or limitation, it is possible now that with this Full Moon we will be made more aware of the shadow side of our nature, and as a result, hopefully be given clarity regarding what steps we can take to help assuage or rise above it. Of course, often this healing or ascension process begins by simply facing or acknowledging that there is, indeed, a bedeviled valley within us, a more complex region full of overgrown weeds and broken dreams, that is also very rich fodder for self-growth, and divine wisdom and understanding, once we come to fully embrace it, and own it, and willingly till its soil under the majestic moonlight. Let the spooky skeletons know that we are not afraid of them one bit, so that they may rest in peace. Too, the Aries Full Moon always delights in a good conquest and show of bravado, even if it is with our own inner demons.

“Nothing in the universe can travel at the speed of light, they say, forgetful of the shadow’s speed.” Howard Nemerov

Full Moon in Aries activities: forging ahead with new, personal pet projects, doing something courageous or daring, taking risks, pioneering, taking bold stances, assuming new challenges, reveling in spontaneity, involvement in sports or athletics, hunting, automobile racing.

Happy Full Moon Blessings!

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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