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“Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being.” Albert Camus

It may be trickier to calmly “go with the flow” today, as “aggressor” Mars in “security-oriented” Cancer squares off with “rebel flag” Uranus, the planet of change and personal freedom, in “self-willed” Aries (12:33 pm EDT). This more volatile aspect is part of the “Grand Cardinal Cross” that Mars is now activating with Uranus, Pluto and Saturn. On Thursday, we will have Mars opposite Pluto and then Mars square Saturn, later next week.

Mars-Uranus has some legacy, both individually and collectively, for “rattling our cages” and putting us at odds with current rules or restrictions, which may be viewed as outmoded or no longer relevant for our lives and or survival. At the same time, Mars-Uranus is a classic template for wanting to be a “law unto ourselves.”

Of course, as most of us know, when we act in a self-willed manner that is too defiant, or in a way that does not kindly consider the needs of others into the equation, there is usually a hefty price to pay later. Too, even if we’re willing to abide by the existing rules and protocol now, we are more likely to encounter “anarchists” or “non-conforming types” in our environment, who tend to make life more complicated for us, in various ways, often by dismantling the seemingly secure guideposts around us.

Also, it is possible that these “rebels” can end up ultimately leading us to a better way of life. Uranus is linked with genius and breakthrough visions, with Mars here firing up that lofty potential. Madonna and Steve Jobs, for instance, were both born with Mars square Uranus in their charts and both have done a lot to innovate and reform their respective industries in a positive way and impact the world at large. Uranus also rules technology and computers.

Mars-Uranus is additionally known for throwing us some “curve balls,” introducing us to circumstances or situations we may not have anticipated, or perhaps simply refused to acknowledge earlier, elements that now call for sudden or swift adaptations on our part. Of course, if we gaze around the world today, it does seem much more uncertain and unsettled than it did, only a few days ago, with the volatility of world markets, riots in London, etc. Perhaps much of the discord symptomatic of a system that is indeed broken in many ways. The Cardinal Grand Cross forcing us to re-examine, once again, the present nature of things and then spurring us on to make changes to hopefully rectify things.

On that note, we do want to guard against making any risky or impulsive moves today that could jeopardize our security further, or the security of those around us. We really need to give some time for all the dust to settle around us. Right now, Mars-ruled tempers and fuses are likely to be shorter, making it harder for reason to prevail. Too, intellectual Mercury is retrograde and still aligned with vague, psychedelic Neptune, which can cloud or muddy our perceptions and undermine or erode our self-confidence. A lot of complex aspects at play here, simultaneously.

We also would be well-advised to slow down and be more alert to our surroundings and use more caution when we are working around heavy equipment or driving today. Mars-Uranus tends to distract our attention, when we really need to be focusing on the tasks at hand.

“Give your stress wings and let it fly away.”  Terri Guillemets

Enjoy your Tuesday! Take some deep breaths!

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2011

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