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“Success in not measured by what you accomplish but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds.” Orison Swett Marden

It’s December 21st!

Time to find out what awaits us behind “door number ten” in the sizzling astrological “Game of Life.”

::Suspense builds::

Behind “door number ten” is: Capricorn the Goat!!!

Rats!!! Go figure. No offense to the cute goat, but we were really hoping for a new car! Or, maybe an “Oprah paid trip” to Australia, with hunk, Hugh Jackman, falling off the tightrope and into our laps. 🙂

Yes, indeed, the “life-generating” Sun, which signifies “our core” and “sense of purpose,” enters the tenth zodiacal sign of Capricorn the Goat on December 21, 2010 (6:39 pm EST), where it will ambitiously stay until January 20, 2011. The Sun’s annual passage through goal-oriented Capricorn marks a time when we are nobly poised to go out into the vast global village to achieve our glorious dreams that we so cleverly envisioned and crafted when the Sun was in the preceding sign of optimistic Sagittarius, the famous stomping grounds of the talented archer.

Sagittarius is ruled by benevolent, generous Jupiter, who also would have, no doubt, given us a plush car today, if only he had the cosmic authority to do so. But, Jupiter’s star has sadly dimmed now. He must reluctantly relinquish his mighty throne, and give ringmaster Saturn, his scheduled fifteen minutes.

It is true. The sign Capricorn is governed by focused, taskmaster Saturn, who is actually not totally opposed to our periodic dreaming and chilling out among the clouds, but he will eventually pitch a big frickin’ fit, and make us tragically suffer the consequences, if we don’t make any sustained effort to turn our Kool-aid dreams into reality, especially into hard cold cash. Saturn’s famous last words: “Show me the money, honey! If you can’t show me any money, you’re not getting any honey. You’ll just have to eke it out on Baltic Avenue, baby. You’re not getting anywhere near Boardwalk or Park Place, unless I see more toil and sweat from you. And, that’s that!”

Saturn-ruled Capricorn perennially symbolizes the “nose to the grindstone” experience, the exciting 9 to 5 “punch a clock” world, with all of its drama and politics. And, also all of its “golden opportunity.” At the end of the day, really what is more exciting than seeing our dreams materialize? Dressing them up in cool, shapely bodies. Choosing the color of their eyes. Applying their lashes. Doing their hair and makeup. Filling their little black books with hot dates.

So what are we going to build for the next 30 days that will ultimately enable us to get a cushy room with a view? Did everyone get it all figured out when the Sun was soaring through Sag? Yes??? No??? How about erecting some cool and unique structures that haven’t been built before? Or maybe we can just add neat variations on classic designs. Really no point in always re-inventing the wheel. Especially when we still have so much vacuuming to do, and mushy calls from George Clooney to field.

“George, it looks like we may have an open slot on December 27th, at 10:55 pm. Does that work for you, dear?”

“Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that.” Norman Vincent Poole.

(Added Pink Floyd’s Money per blog reader Debbie G.’s cool suggestion. Thanks, Deb. Perfect fit for the Sun’s ingress into “jingle jingle” Capricorn.”)

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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