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WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, was reportedly arrested by British Police in London today at 9:30 am on a warrant issued by Swedish authorities. Assange is wanted for allegedly committing sex crimes with two women, which he denies. Assange is slated to appear before a magistrate’s court in London later today. It should also be noted that Assange has not formally be charged with anything. He also voluntarily turned himself into authorities today.

Fascinatingly, and ironically, Assange, who is responsible for leaking hundreds of diplomatic U.S. cables just last week, was busted with a 5 degree Capricorn rising “event horoscope” (erected for 9:30 am in London today), which puts the North Node, Mercury, Pluto, and the Moon all exactly conjunct the rising.

I always affectionately label Pluto as the “Grand Master Spy,” as Pluto tends to deliver to us dark, foreboding secrets. Whatever has been buried or submerged is brought to the surface with Pluto i.e. classified information or documents, or people who have “been in hiding.”

Historically, Pluto is linked with spies and espionage.  Also, terrorism or any “hidden factions” that use force. Pluto seems to operate more as a “control freak” or “power monger.” It is very fanatical and obsessed in its focus. It’s wanting to “call the shots” at all cost. What is often revealed through “purging” Pluto usually has “life-altering” or “transforming” ramifications for people and circumstances, and even the world at large.  Pluto rules “the masses.” Also, death, destruction, and rebirth.

Mercury rules news and communication and when aligned with Pluto, we classically hear about “Pluto” issues in the news: death, annihilation, crisis or turning point situations, sex, spying and espionage, captures, manipulation, abuses of power, history-making firsts or breakthroughs. Too, Mercury-Pluto topics can sometimes be characterized as those areas that are more historically “taboo” or “off-limits” to openly speak about, due to their more sensitive nature, like issues of sex or death.

The first house or ascendant in a horoscope deals with “new beginnings” and the immediate issues that are before us on the horizon. So having all these bodies: Moon, Mercury, North Node and Pluto, conjoined the ascendant, at the exact time of Assange’s arrest today, further brought these “undercover” or “spy” matters front and center (nature of Pluto) in our consciousness and instantly playing out in the news worldwide (Mercury-Pluto).

Symbolically, that cosmic line-up could be interpreted as “someone who makes his living exposing secrets” is making news at the moment (ascendant).  Too, Pluto is implicated in sex crimes, or situations in which sex is “forced.”

Scorpio, which is the offical sign of sex, a sign that Pluto also rules, is at the very top of this event chart, or on the tenth house cusp, with “love Goddess” Venus, ruling women, in a wide conjunction with the tenth.

Interestingly, relationship Venus is also moving into an exact sextile to Pluto now in the heavens.  Venus-Pluto can indicate “passionate” or “steamy” romance. Also, Venus-Pluto can often be symbolic of a relationship that contains “manipulative” aspects to it, once again due to the “controlling” nature of Pluto.

On another fascinating level, with this Venus-Pluto aspect manifesting now, and Assange’s alleged tryst with these two women simultaneously crescendoing to the forefront, Venus-Pluto is symbolically having the net affect of putting “sex” and “matters of the heart” center stage for the collective to mull over and perhaps talk about. Very interesting from an astrological lens.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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