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“The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.” Maya Angelou

Isn’t it fascinating how time seems to pass by so much more slowly when we are younger? Then, when we are older, especially, perhaps, into our fifties and sixties, it just seems to fly by! We may, of course, wage noble efforts, periodically, to attempt to slow time down, by filling our days with all kinds of, what we hope will be, momentous or memorable activities, in a bid, consciously or subconsciously, to make our lives more interesting, meaningful and impactful. But, nevertheless, quietly in the background, there is no denying. The steady, Saturnian tick, tick, tick of the clock, marches on!

When the Moon is passing through maternal Cancer, the sign of our roots, as it is doing so today, we often find ourselves more naturally drawn to matters of the past, that seemingly endless region of our lives where the hands of time are often rather blurred or imprecise. The sound of the tick, more soothingly muted. No doubt, for our mental health! Sometimes, too, when we are recalling a good time in the past, this retro visitation can be like returning back to a favorite restaurant and ordering something tried and true from a menu that we know we already like. We just order the same ole’ same ole’ and, voila, something magical happens and everything is, seemingly, peachy keen again with our present-day world. We have enjoyably dined on the reliable fare of the past and we know that we can handle whatever it is that is before us, as we are survivors, by golly! 🙂

On this Saturday in mid-February, Lady Luna in Cancer is one very busy chick! Having meetups with Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto. Yes, it appears that Missy Silvery Night Sky has overbooked herself, but there is not much to do about it now. Also, how boring life would be without a little bit of drama. Right? Okay. So Luna’s conversation with Chronos-ruling Saturn could (12:40 pm) could get a little problematic for us. But, mainly only if we allow ourselves to wallow in a woe-is-me, scarcity mindset. But do we really need to go there? No, we don’t! How about channeling Saturn’s resilience and persistence instead? Yup! A no-brainer! Then there is, of course, the matter of the Moon’s opposition to underworld-ruling Pluto (9:39 pm). A time when the darkness really begins to descend! So, granted, things might be a little scary now, but, unless we have not paid our electric bill, what is to stop us from flipping a switch and turning on a darn light? In fact, we may want to shine a giant spotlight into the whole dark mess now and see what turns up! Let Pluto know, in no uncertain terms, that we are not afraid to glimpse and embrace our very own groundhog shadow, replete with all of its custom-designed bells and whistles. Piece of cake! In fact, make it a huge piece of dark chocolate cake with super-duper blood-red cherries on it! 🙂

“The brightest flame casts the darkest shadow!” – George R.R. Martin

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Enjoy your Saturday!

Patrice Thompson

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