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“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive.” Howard Thurman

(Below is an updated and edited version of a blog I did, last February, on Venus conjunct Pluto. Enjoy!)


Sweet Venus, symbolizing the urge for love and beauty, is forming a potent conjunction to “passionate” Pluto at 6 degrees of worldly Capricorn. Our relationships can serve as powerful transformers for us now, with Pluto governing our urge for renewal. We may also have more of a need for intense emotional encounters or experiences today.

Too, this aspect may trigger a turning point for us, in terms of spawning new awareness about what we need from others in the way of love or intimacy. Also, there could be revelations regarding what we are willing to give to others. Additionally, Venus-Pluto can occasionally bring us our “soul mates,” or “fated ties” from our past. Even new, short-term relationships, that originate now, are more likely to transfix us on a deeper emotional level.

Because Pluto also has to do with the urge for power and control, the shadow element of this aspect could find us acting more on the manipulative or possessive side, especially if we feel that our relationships are being threatened or undermined in any way. Too, sometimes we try to selfishly capitalize on our relationships with Venus-Pluto.  Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, for example, was reportedly “caught” trying to sell access to her former husband, Prince Andrew, on a day when Venus-Pluto was forming a tight aspect in the sky.

Also, I find it rather interesting that another big story grabbing headlines in the collective now is Republican Presidential hopeful, Herman Cain’s, alleged extra-marital affair, that supposedly went on for 13 years, which he reportedly has denied. There sometimes can be a “soap operish” quality to Venus-Pluto.

Also, a while back, the story of the “Balloon Boy” occurred on a Venus-Pluto day. That was another story that emotionally gripped many of us who watched it unfold on the cable news networks.

In another instance, and on another level,  Lady Gaga, who could be described as “Venus-Pluto,” for her magnetic sensuality and provocative stage persona (Venus rules artists and entertainers), walked away with several Grammy awards and “stole the show,” on a day when Venus and Pluto were aligned in the heavens.

Also, Wednesday night, the X-Factor paid tribute to Michael Jackson with all the contestants on the show performing his songs. Michael’s mother Katherine, three of his brothers, and his three children were seated in the audience. I personally thought it was rather healing to see the Jackson family members and hear Michael’s music, especially in wake of the sentencing of Dr. Conrad Murray, the day before, in connection with Michael’s death. There is often a very healing or restorative quality to Venus-Pluto, at its highest expression. Symbolically, too, Venus-Pluto can denote “a late artist,” with Pluto ruling death and transition.

Since Venus additionally rules money and possessions, there may also be a chance now to transform or overhaul our financial situation in a positive way. (Too, on the eve of this Venus-Pluto influence, the U.S. Stock Market rallied 4%, as six central banks, including the Federal Reserve, agreed to lower the cost of borrowing dollars for foreign banks. Pluto rules matters involving debt and credit. – Story from NYT.com)

Also, with Venus-Pluto conjoined in status-conscious Capricorn, this may be an excellent time for power-networking. We just want to make sure that we do nothing to “besmirch” our good reputation in public.

Famous people with Venus conjunct Pluto: Liberace, Dr. Phil McGraw, Julia Roberts, Jessica Hahn, Charles Dickens.

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2011

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