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“The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings.” Dave Weinbaum


Did we get lucky, or what? Yet another Saturday rolls around and the accommodating Moon, that glorious “night goddess of the sky” is in “Keep it clean, spotlessly clean” Virgo all day! The very finest, most premier, “vacuuming energy” of all. What more could we ask for? 🙂

Fellow astrologer, Ellen Longo, mentioned to me yesterday on Facebook that “vacuuming” is a dirty word in her house, but conceded that vacuuming while downing margaritas seemed like a pretty doable concept. Too, if we fit the liquor in, before “indulgent” Jupiter leaves “watering hole” Pisces today (12:11 pm EST), we’ll be well-served.

Yup. A “new day is dawning.” Big hips Jupiter is finally bidding adieu to “fragile wine goblet” Pisces and heading for the wide, open plains of “testoterone-rich” Aries the ram, where it will be beans and weenies for all of us, over an open campfire, till early June. We’re gonna be roughing it up, being adventurous, and initiating a whole lot of cool things, with my pioneering heartthrob, Mick Jagger, starting us off on that wild trail today. BTW, Mick has Aries on his tenth house of career in his birth chart. So it’s natural for him to always want to be “starting something new,” work-wise.

Whatever house Jupiter is moving through in our own personal horoscopes is where we should be planning for exciting new beginnings the next few months. (Check out my previous post on “Jupiter in Aries” for more sizzlin’ details.)

“All glory comes from daring to begin.” Eugene F. Ware

Yup. Giddy up horsey! Hi ho silver! We’re faster than a speeding bullet now. Don’t even need a costume change to scale tall buildings.

People in the News: Talk show host, Keith Olbermann, unexpectedly departed MSNBC last night. A quick peak at his horoscope (b. 1/27/59 time unknown) shows warrior Mars transiting his freedom-loving Aquarian Sun (firing him up?) exactly square his nebulous Neptune. Mars-Neptune, although a short-term influence, is often one of the weirdest and most difficult influences for us to handle, as there can often be a dissolving of ties (Neptune) and the circumstances under which this occurs can be strange or oddball. Classic astrological description of Mars-Neptune: “The rug is pulled out from under us.”

Neptune perennially puts a “veil around us” and can cloud our judgment, often making it harder for us to see clearly the situation around us. Neptune is also associated with treachery and deception, so we often don’t know who we can trust.

Not sure, of course, what is actually going on with Keith, or if any of this astrology stuff personally applies to him, or has any relevance to the events going on his life now, but am sure he’ll end up in the right place soon enough, with his allegiance of supporters. We wish Keith the very best.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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