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“Miracles happen every day. Not just in remote country villages or at holy sites halfway across the globe, but here, in our own lives.” Deepak Chopra

Cosmic Weather:

Anyone feeling a tinge of sadness today because another sizzlin’ hot eclipse day has come and gone? Sort of like the party’s over upstairs. Everyone has packed up and left, and now it’s back to business as usual for the Sun, Moon, and the rest of the gang. But what the heck is going on with all of these dead blackbirds falling mysteriously from the sky in Arkansas? And now yesterday, in Louisiana, thousands of more dead blackbirds.  Really weird. Also, thousands of dead fish in the Arkansas River. Some people believe it’s UFO-related. Who knows, it could be? Or, maybe it’s the Capricorn eclipse? Historically, some scary things have happened around eclipses. Too, the Republicans are poised to take over the U.S. House today when the new Congress convenes. Some see that as a cataclysmic event. Many of the new House memebers have never held an elected office before. Of course, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Regardless of all these myriad elements, we do have some very cool lunar aspects today. Early on in the day, the ambitious Capricorn Moon throws harmonious aspects to inventive Uranus (5:30 am EST), visionary Jupiter (5:43 am EST) and love child Venus (7:16 am EST). It might be worth our while to put those aspects to use doing some creative project work, if we’re even awake then. Our intuition (Uranus) should be particularly strong. Of course, with sexy Venus still in naughty Scorpio, we may want to employ some of this clever ESP, under the sheets, in locating desired objects!

The Moon also enters “group-minded” Aquarius today (at 11:08 am EST), a time when we should forget about being an island, for a while, and go mingle instead. Aquarius denotes friends and acquaintances, groups, clubs, networking, and social causes. Also the internet. We additionally still have the tight conjunction going on between fortuitous Jupiter and genius Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) in fantasy Pisces. An aspect linked with miracles and sudden opportunities arising out of the blue. We also have a very magical creative quintile (72 degree aspect) from the Capricorn Sun to both Jupiter and Uranus. This is a dynamite day to showcase our originality and uniqueness. Especially perhaps with respect to how we part our hair, as Pisces is a sign associated with theater and masquerade, the outer costuming that we wear. The illusion that we want to create and project. It could be that we come up with entirely new ways to part our hair today, that are very riveting and sexy, and forever change the layout of our life. Venus (beauty) in transforming Scorpio is still aligned (trine) with inventive Uranus, which can bode well for new hairstyles, fashioning captivating new looks.

A few questions to maybe ask ourselves today:

How do we feel about the clubs or organizations that have granted us membership in the past?

What does it say about a club that will take us as a member? Are they that hard up?

How do we feel when we are parting our hair? Happy? Sad? Lukewarm? Panic-stricken?

Do we have any blockages or hang-ups about parting our hair a certain way? If so, why do we think this is the case? How is our natal Venus aspected in our horoscope? Is it aligned with repressed Saturn? Could it also be, perhaps, a matter of old childhood issues coming to the forefront? Maybe we need psychotherapy for resolving these delicate hair issues?

Also, how do we handle windy days and the sensitive matter of our hair? Is it best, perhaps, not to go out outdoors on those days? Maybe we should just stay inside with a scarf wrapped tightly around our head, in case someone opens the door on us, and puts our hair dramatically at risk of getting tossed around? 🙂

“The hair is the richest ornament of women.” Martin Luther

Saw this on YouTube today. Since I used to work in radio, this deeply impacted me. Hope someone will give this man a job! We need to help each other with the brotherly Aquarian Moon:

UPDATE: Ted Williams, the homeless man depicted in the video, was reportedly offered a job by the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wed. afternoon. See, real-life miracles do happen!

Patrice Thompson

(c) copyright 2011

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