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“I made no resolutions for the New Year. The habit of making plans, of criticizing, sanctioning and molding my life, is too much of a daily event.” Anais Nin

Cosmic Weather:

Time to put a cork on this year!!!

We close out 2010 with a passionate Scorpio Moon deliciously conjunct “love maven” Venus (8:12 am EST). The Moon also trines “joyous preacher” Jupiter (2:12 pm EST), squares “can’t we all just get high” Neptune (2:34 pm EST), and trines “more brains than sense” Uranus (2:58 pm EST), who still has plenty of ants in his pants, and is rotating around very peculiarly, as usual.

After that stellar line-up, the “mildly inebriated” nocturnal Moon then exits, “I’ve had enough sex for a while” Scorpio, to cartwheel into “visionary” Sagittarius (8:22 pm EST). Here the Moon begins to really believe great things are possible now, and in store, for every one of us in 2011. Baby, if you can believe it, you can achieve it!!! Amen to that, bro!!! Really liking this optimistic Sag Moon energy to start off the New Year.

Miracles, man. Miracles!!! They can, and do, happen!!! Coupled with some hard work, and tons of prayer, and positive visualization. We can lose the weight in 2011! We can get that big job promotion! We can vacation in Cancun with George Clooney, without “you know who” tagging along! 🙂 (BTW, saw the pictures of Elisabetta Canalis and George in the HuffingtonPost.com last weekend. The two were vacationing in Mexico over the Christmas holiday. She was by his side wearing an itty bitty string bikini. She looked great. It was sickening!!! I cried for hours, then I threw up. I mean, how in the heck can we compete with that?)

I guess, George, you will just have to simply love us for our brilliant mind, in the future, and kindly overlook our declining physical form. Can you do that for us? Pretty, please? That’s all we humbly ask of you. Think substance over fluff, George. Remember, too, that you and I also technically share the same brain, with both our Mercury’s (mind) at 20 degrees of Taurus. A fact I will probably be reminding you of till my dying day. I’m also not fibbing. Look it up. Check with other astrologers. Get independent verification. It’s in your chart: Mercury at 20 degrees of Taurus, just like mine! Does Elisabetta have that with you? No, I dare say that she does not. In fact, probably only a few other people in the entire world share this same, exact Mercury placement with you. It is very rare, and very, very precious, this magical intellectual bond that we have between us. It most likely took many previous lifetimes (incarnations) of being together to have our brains and Mercurys conjoined this way. Yes, it’s definitely written in the stars again for this lifetime, too. No getting around it. One day soon, both you and I will be together, and joined, not only at the brain and planetary level, but in other ways too, George. Hopefully, a merging of additional body parts! Especially if I personally have anything to say about it! George, you’re a big star. But I have also been studying the big stars above, all my life, and do have some clout upstairs. I can sometimes arrange to have certain things happen with the powers that be. Too, we must continue to evolve our relationship George. It just makes perfect sense to do so.

Anyway, thinking about you endlessly today, George, on this lonely, lonely, arctic cold New Year’s eve. Another drama-filled night of vacuous vacuuming, alone in the dark. That’s most likely what awaits me tonight, George. You know that you could change all that, too, don’t you? In an instant. Yes, I’m just tidying the place up for you a bit, that’s what I’m doing. In case you decide, at the last minute, to pop in to give me a big New Year’s eve kiss. Melt my marshmallow heart forever.) 🙂

Really appreciate the three people reading my blog this past year. As I mentioned a couple days ago, not sure where I am taking this little critter in 2011. I feel like I can’t totally abandon it, as who in their right mind would ever want to adopt it and give it a loving new home? But, I will be either cutting way back on, or eliminating entirely, the daily horoscopes, as I do want to expand into some other fun things here, since I do have wild Uranus getting ready to cross my Ascendant.

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! Be safe. And, please, do not drink and drive.

“I’m really white trash.” George Clooney

Missing you, George. You also be careful tonight.  Love ya’.

Well… guess I’m going to have to seek shelter tonight, and welcome in the new year, with that other great heartthrob of my life, Mick Jagger. A man I have loved with every fiber of my being since I was 11 years old. BTW, my affectionate, fickle, dual-lover, 13 degree Venus in Gemini is exactly conjunct Mick’s 13 degree Gemini Ascendant, another indication of true love in the highest and purest form. Plus, Mick is a Leo, with a Taurus Moon. His Moon is also tightly conjunct my Taurus Sun and Mercury. I also have a pulsating Leo Moon, a perfect match for Mick’s gyrating Leo Sun. Oh, if only Mick had the slightest clue about my existence, on this lonely, lonely New Year’s eve. Love ya’ Mick! Missin’ you, too! Wherever you are. Know, too, you could be with me tonight, Mick. You could be mine. All mine! You could be mine, you could be mine. All mine! It could be me, Mick, coming to “your” e-m-o-t-i-o-n-a-l rescue. The shoe on the other foot. Wonder if Mick likes vacuuming alone at night, with the shades seductively pulled all the way down? Maybe after walking Central Park all night? What do you think? Mick, if you do, I wouldn’t think you were crazy, either. Go ahead, sing to yourself and vacuum. It’s okay. Really. 🙂

Patrice Thompson

(This is my chocolate toy poodle “Cody,” an Aquarian with a cuddly Pisces Moon. Isn’t he precious? He’s my real-life Teddy bear! Cody also wants to wish y’all a Happy New Year, even without his party hat on.)

(c) copyright 2010

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