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“I think – therefore I’m single.” Lizz Winstead

Cosmic Weather:

Winged Messenger Mercury, associated with thinking, communication, travel, and the inner workings of thermometers, stations direct today (2:22 am EST) at 19 degrees of visionary Sagittarius, after nearly a three-week retrograde period.

With Mercury’s direct motion, we have clearance, once again, to fully engage in unedited, primal, raw thinking.  No more of the obligatory recalling of our thoughts. No need to dutifully swallow our words, or to speak sheepishly in monotone whispers.

We also have the cosmic go ahead to purchase computers, printers, color TVs, microwave ovens, buy cars, etc. It’s also okay to sign or negotiate contracts. (Some elitists, however, may want to wait until Mercury gets out of its official “shadow period” on January 17th, 2011, or passes over the 5-degree point in Capricorn where it initially went retrograde, to do these things. See my “Mercury stations direct blog” for more info.)

This direct motion also comes along at exactly the right time because the Moon is presently deposited in sexy Scorpio. Wouldn’t you know that the universe would have us thinking immediately about sex, right out of the gate? Probably something to do with the propagation of the species.

Too, with our tender brains having been on ice for the last few weeks, the “powers that be” maybe thought we would need a few days to get our mental faculties fully back up to speed. Although, sometimes the activities between the sheets can also get very complicated:




“Oh, Marsha…”

“Oh, John… John… I mean, Jack…”

“Jack! Who the hell’s Jack!”

“My heart beat so hard when I was near him, I feared he could hear my secret longing for him.” Destiny Vaestus

A few possible probing questions to ask ourselves today: Do we even remember what sex is? Approximately, what year did we last have sex? Do we recall if it was a solo event then, or more of a team sport? To the best of our recollection, was Mercury retrograde, or direct, when we last had sex?  Where was the Moon, still up in the sky? Can only leakers of classified information engage in unprotected sex? Can we only have unprotected sex in Sweden? Why do we think that Scorpio, the sign that governs sex, is associated with deadly scorpions? Go figure. 🙂

Patrice Thompson

(c) Copyright 2010

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